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Its Officially Over…

Its Officially Over…

Well…its official…summer vacation is over.  School is back in full swing and the only thing I’m going to say about that is that its going to be a long year.  My classes aren’t any worse than I expected them to be, but the behavior could use a major overhaul…have no fear though…I’m working on it.  It’ll be a good year and I’m excited about it, we’ve got a lot to do.

The title I chose for this blog applies to more than just summer vacation drawing to a close.  On Sunday, our last day of summer, Matt and I took a trip to Houston to watch an Astros game.  This wasn’t just any game though…we’ve held on to these tickets since April counting down the days until August 26th.  Any die-hard Astros baseball fan would know that Sunday is the day that it was also officially over for Jeff Bagwell, the Astros’ legendary first baseman.  Bagwell had 15 year long career in Major League Baseball and he dedicated all 15 years to the Astros organization.  Sunday, August 26th, the Astros organization and fans thanked Bagwell for the 15 year run he made with the team by retiring his 3 #5 jerseys.  Bagwell was not only presented with these 3 jerseys framed, his number was also hung on the wall in the upper deck along the 3rd base line, where he joined other baseball greats such as Jackie Robinson, Nolan Ryan, Jimmy Wynn, and many others.  Brad Ausmus and Craig Biggio also honored Baggy’s career and hailed him as an amazing person, teammate, and father.  For most Astros’ fans, it was a pretty moving ceremony.  To top of the great ceremony, the Astros came out with a come from behind win over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

So summer is over, Bagwell’s career is over, and the Astros also let Phil Garner and Tim Purpura go in an effort to shake things up and hopefully reinvigorate the team.  Hopefully Cecil Cooper and Jose Cruz can bring us up in ranks before the season is over.  The next and last 30 games of the season will tell the story.  And of course, last but not least, a few pictures from Sundays game…


Bagwell’s entrance to the field…of course he was greeted with a standing ovation.


The oldest jersey Bagwell wore…remember those wretched colors?…hahah!


the unveiling of Bagwell’s number on the retirement wall


thanking his teammates, family, & the fans


the happy couple after the game!

Lots of New Stuff!

Lots of New Stuff!

Matt and I are FINALLY back in College Station and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve been here a week and we are finally just about completely settled into our new place. We have a BRAND NEW 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath townhouse in a brand new development here in town. Our week of relaxation and unpacking is unfortunately coming to an abrupt end tomorrow morning…bright and early. I start inservice tomorrow morning and we will spend the whole week getting ready to have our hallways full of students again next Monday. Matt also goes back to work tomorrow morning after having a week off. It will be his first day to work in the office here in town, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m sure it will be great for him. I took some pictures of our new house for all to see. The only thing we lack is getting stuff hung on the walls and we are also in the market for new furniture for our bedroom…but I’m going to wait to buy something until I find something and fall in love with it. Anyways…enjoy the pictures of the new house.


this is our “entry way”


living room…


dining area…

dscn0257_small.jpg dscn0256_small.jpg

the kitchen…yes those are granite countertops


master bedroom


guest bedroom

And last, but certainly not least…I finally got brave and decided to get my hair cut. This wasn’t my usual haircut though…I went for a MAJOR change. I played around on the internet trying out different styles and finally found one I liked. I went to Houston yesterday and spent 3 hours getting totally made over. I should have done this forever ago. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new hair. So without further a due…here is the new me…


Ups & Downs of Leaving

Ups & Downs of Leaving

It seems like ever since Matt and I moved to Houston at the end of May, we couldn’t wait to move back to College Station.  The last few weeks, we have actually been talking about how much we would like to just stay in College Station after Matt finishes his Master’s Degree.  Neither of us really has a huge reason why we don’t want to move back to Houston, it just hasn’t felt like home this summer.  Of course, I have a sneaky suspicion that it hasn’t felt like home because we have basically just been living with that mindset of…this isn’t home, we’re just here for the summer.  I’ll be honest, its not the traffic that bothers me, its not the obscene amount of people EVERYWHERE we go, and not even the heat or humidity (I mean come on…this is summertime…in Texas).  Of course leaving Houston has its downsides.  No more Saturday morning breakfasts for Matt and I at our favorite smokehouse, I’m leaving some of the best shopping and restaurants ever, and I have to leave behind that precious little boy that I spent every day with.  Part of me likes the more “small town” feel that College Station has, the amazing calmness that comes over the city during Christmas and summer break when all of the students leave, and the church that we love so much.  Staying in College Station would be much easier said than done.  I am fortunate to teach at a great school with a great team of teachers.  If we stayed, my job is set, unfortunately, Matt would basically be unemployed.  One of the downsides of that “small town” feel is that there are NO big engineering firms within about 100 miles of College Station.  So, as sad as it is to us, unless a large engineering firm opens up in the College Station area, Matt and I will become Houstonians in just 2 short years.

However; I am choosing not to focus on that fact, because alot can happen in 2 years.  Right now, I am choosing to focus on the fact that Matt and I have officially started packing up our apartment here in Houston to head back to College Station.  We are moving into a BRAND NEW townhouse in just 7 short days.  We are so excited to finally have our own “house” (though we are still renting).  It is a 2 story, 2 bedroom/2 bathroom townhouse with a huge kitchen and granite countertops, walk-in closets, and a huge walk-in pantry!  If you can’t tell…we are REALLY excited!  Once we finally get moved, I am looking forward to finally buying furniture for our bedroom, along with maybe a new couch & chair or two for the living room, and hopefully a new desk for our guest bedroom/office.

And now, before I leave you for that adorable little one year old, just a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

playing with his new fruit stand

he loves his new playhouse!