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One Whole Year…

One Whole Year…

Well its official…Matt and I have been married for one whole year…technically its been 366 days since this year was a leap year…but who’s counting?  We both agree its been the greatest year of our whole lives.  We didn’t really do a whole lot tonight.  We went out for an ultra romantic anniversary dinner at…thats right…Buffalo Wild Wings!  Haha…we already had our anniversary date Saturday night, but we forgot to take food out of the freezer for dinner tonight…so out we went.  After dinner we came home and cut into our cake tops that we froze after the wedding last year.  The outside of the cake was…disgusting.  It tasted like freezer burn and the icing was hard as a rock.  But that didn’t stop us…we cut directly into the center of both cakes and ate out of the middle of the cakes.  That part was almost as delicious as it was last year.  After eating the cake we exchanged gifts with each other.  I gave Matt a watch and he got me a necklace I’ve been wanting for a while.  All in all it was a great anniversary.  Oh…and I got flowers too!  They are gorgeous…just a mix of wildflowers…but it is so different and I love them!

Now…on to other things…

This is the week at school that we work all year building up to.  Yup…this is TAKS week.  Our kids start testing tomorrow morning with 10th grade math, 11th grade math on Wednesday, and then 9th math & 10th & 11th science on Thursday, and finally…the day I’m most concerned with…9-11 social studies on Friday.  All secondary students across the state are testing this week…so keep the students and teachers in your thoughts this week as our stress levels are through the roof.  By 12:00 p.m. Friday…I will have a HUGE smile on my face because it will all be over!

And now for the pictures…


the top of the groom’s cake


the top of the bride’s cake


doing the honors…


365 (366) days ago!

Its Already Over?

Its Already Over?

Man…where did this weekend go?  I feel like a need a weekend to recover from the weekend.  I am definitely in need of summer vacation to get here.  It was a busy weekend.  Friday night I had dinner with the girls while Matt and the boys hung out.  We made some way cute picture boards for Jeff and Katie’s wedding in just a couple of weeks!  It was great to spend time with the girls and not have the boys around to bother us…haha…just kidding, we love our boys!  Friday night was a late one for me as I had to print off resumes, transcripts, and copies of my teaching certificate for the Katy ISD job fair.  After finally getting to bed about 12:30, the alarm sounded bright and early Saturday morning at 6:00…thats earlier than I get up during the week!  I was dressed and out the door by 7:30 and on my way to try and sell myself to the high schools in Katy.  The job fair was NUTS!  There were TONS of people in one little tiny arena all battling for a few jobs the district had open.  Unfortunately, I don’t have good news.  If I was a coach, I would have walked away with virtually any social studies job at any of the NINE high schools in the district.  But because I don’t coach and they only want to hire teacher/coach combinations…I’m out of luck.  Of course every school took my resume in the event that things change…riiiiight.  I was pretty upset about it all Saturday night when I got home…but I’m over it now.  I know that I will get the job that I am supposed to get and I just have to realize that God is in control of this situation and it will all be taken care of.  If I don’t get a job, I will sub and get my foot in the door that way.  It will be ok.  I still have quite a few applications still out there and I did manage to have a pretty decent interview with the social studies department chair at Beck Junior High, so maybe that will turn into something.  I was so exhausted when I got home that I slept for 2 hours before Matt woke me up to get ready for our anniversary dinner.  No…you didn’t miss anything…our anniversary is actually tomorrow, but because this is going to be a hectic week for me (TAKS Testing) we decided to go out to dinner Saturday night.  We went to this great little bistro in downtown Bryan called Square One.  Its a tiny little restaurant with an eclectic atmosphere and great food!  The service was kinda slow, but we didn’t have anywhere to be and we ended up getting free dessert out of it, so…no big deal at all.  Today we did church and lunch with the gang and then I did the usual Sunday afternoon errands to Target and HEB.  We made a quick trip to Target to pick up some anniversary cards for each other and Matt had to get their last Mario Cart for the Wii.

I got the invitations for Cortney’s bridal shower in Beaumont just about finished up tonight and once I get the final approval from all parties involved…they will be sent to the printer and should be ready to be mailed out in the next couple of weeks.

Hopefully this coming weekend we will be heading to Katy to look at some houses with our real estate agent.

And now I leave you with a few pictures…thank goodness tomorrow is the last day to post pictures…this was more difficult than I expected…I have a hard time remembering to post every single day.


A&M game…I’m pretty sure we lost…


our VERY FIRST Christmas together…2004 :)


at his mom’s house in Houston…sometime in the summer of 2006

Loooooooong Day…

Loooooooong Day…

Man…it was a long day.  My kids at school are really beginning to show their stress and frustration as we prepare to take the TAKS tests next week.  Their behavior (which hasn’t been great at any point this year) has quickly turned from tolerable to quite awful.  It doesn’t help matters that we as teachers are just as stressed and frustrated as the kids are.  I’m worried that they may not do as well as I would like or they would like and I keep saying to myself…”I just need one more day.”  Even though I know one more day isn’t going to help them learn the stuff.  Those who know it by this point, know it and those who don’t…probably won’t.  I know it may seem like a negative way to look at it, but its true.  The social studies test depends on how well they have done all year long and its difficult to just cram it all in in two short weeks.  Naturally, the students who seem to be the most stressed and frustrated are the ones who don’t come to school on a regular basis, have horrible behavior that has prevented them from learning, or my personal favorites…the ones who do NOTHING every single day.  Oh well…I’ve done what I can do…now its up to them…SCARY SCARY SCARY!  It may seem strange to ask for something like this…but it seemed to have worked last year…keep my kids and fellow teachers in your prayers over the next week.  The kids need all the divine intervention and wisdom they can get and the teachers…we need patience…lots of patience.
I’m definitely looking forward to this weekend.  Matt and the guys will be celebrating Jeff’s last few days of bachelorhood with dinner Friday night and then a trip to tour a brewery in Houston on Saturday.  I think us girls, Molly, Katie, and I will do dinner Friday night and then Saturday I am heading to Katy for the Katy ISD job fair.  According to their website, they have several openings in the social studies department at several different schools, so lets all say some prayers and keep our fingers crossed.  I will let you know!  I am beyond excited about getting my hair cut and highlighted again on Saturday afternoon and then I will head back home to College Station for dinner with my hubby.

We celebrate our I YEAR ANNIVERSARY on Monday, so we are going to do dinner out at a nice restaurant on Saturday evening and then we will eat the tops of our wedding cakes and enjoy some wine Monday night.  I need to do some shopping at some point…its coming up so quickly! Its hard to believe its already been a whole year.

And I’m off for the evening…but before I leave you…here is a photo for you viewing pleasure.


Weekend Wrap-up…

Weekend Wrap-up…

I had such a great weekend! I took the day off from work Friday and my mom came in to spend the night Thursday night. We were heading to the beach for a Ladies’ Retreat that my grandmother’s church was putting on. It was so nice to wake up without an alarm Friday morning and just be able to lounge around. We ran a couple of errands Friday morning before we left for the beach. We went to a stationery shop to look for invitations for Cortney’s bridal shower and then we graced Hobby Lobby with our presence. After our few errands, we grabbed some lunch at Chick-fil-a and then hit the road. We got to Nana’s Friday afternoon and helped her get the car loaded up with everything for the weekend. We drove the few short miles down the road to the beach and went to the cabin where the retreat would be held. This cabin was not really a “cabin” at all…this was a house. When I think of beach cabin, I think of the very bare bones cabins we’ve had my whole life. Small kitchens with old, barely working appliances, squeaky ceiling fans, fuzzy tv channels, less than impressive bathrooms…well, you get the idea. But this place…oh man…it was GORGEOUS! It had TEN bedrooms…FIVE bathrooms…a fantastic kitchen…AND an ELEVATOR! The living room was huge and there was a flat screen tv in every bedroom. It was beachfront (of course!) with a perfectly manicured yard. The retreat was awesome. I was one of the youngest ones there, but it was such a great weekend. My grandmother spoke to us about being a “Child of the King” and we had awesome singing and devotional times led by my mom. The food…was EXCELLENT! Fish fry Friday night, pastries & fruit Saturday morning, Nana’s famous spaghetti Saturday for lunch, and sandwiches for dinner Saturday. Friday night after dinner we had a bonfire and devotional on the beach. There is just something amazing about worshiping God on the beach. Saturday was an early morning, but totally worth it. We had a morning devotional after breakfast and another after lunch. In between we had lunch and time to just fellowship. The retreat officially ended Saturday afternoon about 4:00 and after everyone had left, we headed down for a walk on the beach. I miss the beach so much. We literally lived there when I was little. Its just such a relaxing and rejuvenating place. The church rented 2 cabins for the weekend and there still wasn’t enough room for all of us, so my mom, my aunts, Nana, and I stayed down the beach a little ways at my aunt’s cabin. It was so great to spend time with all of the women during the day and then be able to hang out with just the family at night. Church at the beach on Sunday was great. Unfortunately though…it all came to an end after church. My mom and I left as soon as church was over to head back home. It’s great to be back at home with Matt, but it was such a great weekend. I really hope they plan to do it again next year.

This will probably be a really busy week for both of us. This is my last full week with my kids before TAKS testing starts next week. Matt is also getting ready to wrap up the semester with a project and finals. Just a few more classes this summer and he will be completely DONE with school…forever! YEA! I’m definitely looking forward to summer vacation. I’m slightly afraid I might end up getting bored though. Last summer I had little Ben to keep me company during the day, but this year…it’ll just be me…lonely in college station. I guess I’ll have plenty of time to lay out by the pool and SHOP :) ! Oh yeah…and pack :(.

I still haven’t heard anything about any jobs yet for the fall, but Katy ISD is having a job fair this Saturday, so I will heading into Houston for that. I think I may also try to get my hair cut and highlighted while I’m there…we’ll see. We are getting really excited about moving. We went to Katy a couple of weeks ago with our real estate agent to look at new construction homes that will be ready in June or July. We will also be going back in the next couple of weeks to look at resale homes. Its so exciting that we will finally have our very own home!

I know I’ve been falling down on the posting of the pictures…so I will leave with a few to get all caught up. We celebrate our anniversary on Monday! One more week!


with our flowergirl and ring bearer…Amelia & Harrison…


our wedding party…


finding the garter…


leaving the reception


fancy dinner at the Oleander restaurant in Jamaica

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, I dropped the ball last night and forgot to post our picture…SORRY!  I think I was asleep on the couch by about 9:00….haha.  I threatened my kids yesterday and told them they had to be nice to me today since it was my birthday…and surprisingly enough…THEY WERE!  There really isn’t much to post tonight…we went out to dinner for my birthday at our usual Wednesday night Mexican restaurant.  We finished off the evening with church and blizzards from Dairy Queen.  Matt even surprised me for my birthday and brought flowers home for me!  He’s so sweet.


Alrighty…since I failed to post a picture last night…here are two pictures for yesterday and today.  Enjoy!


this was taken in San Antonio across from the Alamo…he proposed later that night when we got home!


about to leave for the reception!

Have a great Thursday!

21 Days…Astros’ Home Opener…New Cell Phone

21 Days…Astros’ Home Opener…New Cell Phone

Before I post today’s picture for our walk down memory lane…I would like to make sure everyone knows how great the Astros game was tonight! This was the first season in several years that the Astros haven’t opened the season at home and quite frankly…they sucked it up in the first 2 series of the season. They came back home to Houston though and played the home opener tonight against the dreaded St. Louis Cardinals…Pujols’ homerun to 2005, anybody? The Astros went up 3-0 late in the game and it came down to the final strike in the top of the 9th. Of course…a run scores and shortly thereafter, so do 2 more. What the heck…a tie game in the top of the 9th? We get out of it and the Astros manage a 2 run homer in the bottom of the 9th to win the game 5-3. Way to go ‘stros!

This past weekend while Matt and I were out doing some shopping and running some errands we went into the Verizon store to talk to them about combining us onto a family plan. While we were in there, I convinced Matt that what I really wanted for my birthday was a new cell phone…mine had gone to crap and it was time to upgrade. I had already found the phone I wanted and he actually agreed that he would get it for me for my birthday! Its the coolest phone I’ve ever had. Its called the “Voyager”. It has a touch screen on the outside and then opens up to a full screen and full keyboard inside. Its great…I love it so much! Thanks Matt!


We are exactly 3 weeks away from our first anniversary, so with that being said…here is todays picture. Enjoy our little walk down memory lane with us!


Dinner at an Italian restaurant at our resort in Jamaica

Photo #6…22 Days!

Photo #6…22 Days!

Today was such a great day! Every month, my family gets together to celebrate birthdays. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, EVERYBODY. In our rather large family, April is pretty quiet birthday month…its just my dad and I who have birthdays. For just about every birthday we go to my grandparents house, eat lunch, hang out, open presents, and eat dessert. But this year, we decided to do something a little bit different. This time, everybody came to College Station for the afternoon and we took over part of Wolf Pen Creek park. We had lunch, organized an unorganized baseball game, hung out, laughed, talked, and opened presents all right there at the park. We had so much fun! We couldn’t have asked for a better day. The weather was gorgeous and we even have some pink cheeks & arms to show for our day in the park.

We finished off the great day with dinner with the gang. This time, we were graciously hosted by Zach & Molly at their cute little house. The food was delicious and the company was great as always!

Now the weekend is coming to a close and its back to work tomorrow…only 8 more weeks!


this picture was taken the night before he left for a 6 week mission trip in Australia

summer 2006

oh and don’t forget…the Astros’ home opener is tomorrow night at 6:05 (Central) against the Cardinals!  ya’ll have a great Monday!