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The Weekend is Here!

The Weekend is Here!

Its been a long week, but I am happy to report that my hubby is completely 100% finished with his Master’s degree!  He finished classes and exams this morning and will walk in graduation in August.  I’m so proud of him for working so hard and finishing so quickly.  He gets to celebrate finishing school at the Astros/Red Sox game tonight with my cousin, Jeff and I am going to hang out with Alison & Ben.  We’ll celebrate for real after graduation in August.

Things are still going well with the house.  The major problems that the inspector found have been completed and a few really minor things we are going to complete with an allowance from the sellers.

Thats it for now…its about time to leave for our evening of fun.  Have a good weekend!

Still Waiting…but getting closer!

Still Waiting…but getting closer!

In our last post, we had just made an offer on a house.  It took just a couple of hours to reach an agreement on the sale price and the house was ours!  Everything has gone fairly smoothly since then.  The house was inspected today and no major problems were found.  The only things that were found were some issues with the roof, but because the house is so new, the builder should fix all of that without any issues.  I would love to post pictures of the house, but I need to wait until the house is 100%, totally OURS.  Right now, closing is still set for the end of July…and NO…I have not started packing.  For those of you that know me…you know that there is absolutely no possible way I can live with my house in boxes for the next 5 or 6 weeks.  The 10 boxes of stuff from my classroom are bad enough.  This will probably shock many of you…but I probably won’t even start packing until mid-July.  For goodness sakes…I’m home ALL DAY LONG…what else will I have to do?

I’m working on picking out paint colors for the house and I think I’ve settled on green for the kitchen & breakfast area and a shade of gold for the dining room.  I think the study, entry, and living room will probably stay the neutral khaki-ish color that it currently is.  For our bedroom…I may leave it the neutral khaki, but I think I’m leaning more in the direction of a slightly warmer tone.   As for the upstairs…gameroom, bedrooms, & bathroom…they are staying the color they are until we have a reason to paint them.  ;) And that won’t be for a couple more years.  Sorry to let you down.

We are heading back to Beaumont for the weekend…yes…we were just there last weekend too.  Last weekend we went to the Yankees/Astros game and then spent Father’s Day with my family and now we are on our way back.  I’m leaving Thursday with my mom and we will spend most of Friday getting Monica’s house ready the bridal shower we are hosting there on Saturday.  My life-long friend is getting married in August and we are throwing her Beaumont shower on Saturday.  That afternoon we will go to a 3 year old’s birthday party and then Sunday we will hold family birthday parties for the month of June at Nana’s house.  Now that I think about it…I’m not sure that I have spent a single weekend at home since summer started.  Hah…oh well.

The only thing we are still waiting on for the house is final approval from the lender and I’m fairly certain they have every piece of financial information and documentation that the two of us have.  Oh and I’m still waiting on a job…keep praying please.

Happy Weekend ya’ll!

The Waiting Game…

The Waiting Game…

Well I must say that alot has happened since my last post. School is finally over for the year and my first week of summer vacation was wonderful! I managed to get my classroom packed up and moved out and it only took me 9 boxes. How in the world did I manage to fill 9 boxes after only 2 years of teaching? Those 9 boxes have now added quite the decorative touch to our living room!

Summer vacation (for me) is in full swing. I started it off with a horribly long medical school graduation in honor of my cousin in Houston last Saturday. After the party, we headed to Beaumont for the week and just hung out with the family…it was so great to just relax. We didn’t do a whole lot, but it was a great week. Sunday we went to church at the beach with Nana & Papa and got to have Mama Teresa’s pizza afterwards! That afternoon we hauled dirt to level out the ground behind the house and then set up a big above ground swimming pool for the kids for the summer. It was HOT HOT HOT, but putting the pool up wasn’t that bad. Monday, my mom and I ran errands in Beaumont and went to Amelia’s softball game that night. After the game, my mom and I went to Monica’s house to help her do some redecorating and we didn’t get home until 3 AM! Coming home that late we had to be extremely quiet so the dogs didn’t go nuts when they heard us so it made me feel like some rebellious teenager sneaking into the house way past curfew or something! Tuesday we took Amelia and Harrison to Moody Gardens in Galveston to see the rainforest and aquarium. It was really pretty cool. Oh and of course we took a trip to the candy store on the strand…after all, you can’t go to Galveston without visiting the candy store. Wednesday we shopped with Monica for stuff for her house and Thursday my mom and I drove to Clear Lake to meet my dad at his police chiefs conference. Thursday night we drove to Galveston for dinner and then Friday morning my mom and I did some shopping and had lunch together at Lupe Tortillas. I came home Friday afternoon and man oh man was it great to be home. We enjoyed a great seafood dinner with Jeff and Katie and then a double date trip to Target! What can be better than that? In my opinion…it was a great way to start my summer vacation.



Poor Matt is kind of bachelor-ing it for the first part of the summer as I do all of my traveling. I’m home this week, but then off again next week with Becky and the kids out to Camp Bandina in the hill country. Man…its going to be a busy summer.

Now for the exciting part. As you probably already know, Matt and I are in the process of looking for and buying a house. So, Saturday morning we got up early and drove to Katy to look at houses with our real estate agent. We have been to Katy a couple of times before to look, but now that we are finally into the month of June, we are looking seriously. Both of us had pretty high hopes for Saturday’s search and we were successful! We found a house that we both really like and the price was right. After looking through everything on our list, it was still at the top, so we decided to test the waters and put in an offer. Its an aggressive offer, but it was a good place to start. Its a great house with a HUGE backyard! The house appears to be kinda boring because the entire house, inside and outside are the same color…neutral and boring. It needs LOTS OF COLOR…which I am ready to do! We are both kinda nervous and anxious to hear something.

And now…we wait.