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Goodbye Shorts & Flip Flops…

Goodbye Shorts & Flip Flops…

Well…its that time of year again…time to say goodbye to my shorts and flip flops. Its a sad day for me. While I am excited about school starting again and getting in my groove at a new school…I’m never happy to see summer come to an end.

I realized tonight that I feel pretty relaxed about tomorrow… 2 years ago when I first started teaching, I would have been a nervous wreck about the first day of school. I would have spent hours rehearsing what I was going to say to the kids, many more hours working on the “perfect” seating chart for the first day, and the most important hours of all…planning out my first day of school outfit.

But not this year. Instead, I worked in the yard all morning, cleaned house all afternoon, and went out for Mexican food tonight. I didn’t brave H-E-B with all the soccer moms buying food for lunches, I haven’t planned out what I’ll say to the kids, I am not making a seating chart until tomorrow afternoon (all you other teachers out there…don’t stress…I have a seating plan for tomorrow), and I have no clue what I’m wearing tomorrow.

Instead…I’m sitting on the couch, wasting time on the internet, and it feels WONDERFUL!

I will probably accomplish the last two things on my list at the same time…I will pick out my outfit for tomorrow and figure out what in the world I am going to say to a total of 154…yes…thats how many students I have…scared little freshmen tomorrow…and it will probably take me all of about…30 minutes…total. I love not being new at this career anymore…it makes life so much better.

Wish me luck…it all starts with the bell at 7:25 tomorrow morning.

LOTS of Changes…

LOTS of Changes…

I know I haven’t been very good at blogging lately, but in my defense…we’ve been kinda busy. We were finally able to close on our house about 2 weeks ago and I think its safe to say we are pretty much settled in. The dining room furniture is coming this weekend and I still need a mattress for one of the beds upstairs…but other than that, we’re pretty much done. I need to do curtains in the bedrooms and breakfast area and new seat covers for the kitchen chairs…but I haven’t really had time to fabric shop.

I finally got a job…the day before we closed on the house…great timing, huh? Cy-Fair ISD finally called me back and I am teaching World Geography (yes…thats 9th grade) at Cypress-Ridge High School. At first I was really hesitant about this and quite frankly, I wasn’t looking forward to it, but now that I have spent a week in inservice and have been working with my team for a week, I feel much better about things. I’m still nervous about switching subjects, but I know once I get going and get in my groove, I’ll be fine. My classroom is very slowly coming together. The rooms are alot smaller than what I’m used to in Bryan, so thats a big adjustment for me. The more I think about it, the more I’m leaninig towards a “less is more” mentality. This is partially due to my lack of time to decorate before school starts on Monday and also the fact that they don’t make neat posters for World Geography like they do for World History. I think I will just use posters on a day to day basis to show the kids if they apply to our lesson. I have quite a commute everyday…about 35-45 minutes every morning and afternoon…which sucks…but I’ll get over it. I have to get up about 5:00 every morning and my goal is to be at school by about 6:45 everyday. School starts here at 7:25…talk about NUTS! But getting out at 2:30 will be nice! We’ll see what this year holds…when I started teaching World History I wasn’t thrilled about it and I came to absolutely love it, so hopefully the same will hold true for World Geography.

Back to the house…we are absolutely loving it! We did some painting in the first couple of days and we are really happy with the new colors. The kitchen is green and the dining room and study are kinda an apricot-y (yes…i made that word up) color…its called toffee crunch. We are planning to paint our bedroom and bathroom in the coming months and that will probably be done in a shade of chocolate brown. All of our appliances are in and it has been so nice finally having a washer and dryer. We went a week without one and it was not easy! You know you’re getting old when you get excited about getting a new washer and dryer.

This is pretty much what we’ve been up to for the last few weeks. We went to Dallas last weekend for a wedding (Cortney’s…my friend since we were little kids). It was absolutely beautiful and so was she! After the wedding, we came home and went to the Astros game for Biggio’s jersey retirement ceremony…that was pretty stinkin’ awesome!

Thats all for now…I would put some pictures in here…but I can’t figure out how…we got a new version of our blogger thingy and I don’t have the patience to sit here and work on it…sorry.

A Storm’s A-Brewin….

A Storm’s A-Brewin….

Well…its been a while since our last update…lots has happened and its been a very frustrating few weeks, but I will write more about that later. For now…this post is dedicated to the excitement brewing out in the Gulf.

I’ve told you before how I feel about hurricane season and while I was slightly irritated about the timing of this year’s first storm for our part of the state, the excitement has begun to set it. We spent the day preparing for the possibility of power outages here in the big city of Winnie, TX. Why are we in Winnie, you may ask? No…we didn’t move here…at least not permanently. We brought our moving truck full of belongings and basically moved in with my grandparents for a few days…or so we thought. We only expected to be here for a couple of days…but that has apparently been lengthened by my new friend called Tropical Storm Edouard. So instead of getting ready to close on our house tomorrow and move in…we spent our day buying a few groceries, flashlights, batteries, and bringing all of the outdoor furniture inside. My day was even rounded out with a trip to the beach to check out the water…and it was freakishly calm. I guess thats where the phrase, ” the calm before the storm” comes from.

I know, I know…I’m weird, but I truly love this. As still and hot as it was outside and as annoying as it was having to move everything in from the yard…I love it.

As far as the house is concerned…we should close on Wednesday…assuming Houston isn’t completely under water… I will fill you in on all the drama of the house later…maybe tomorrow while we are sitting inside watching it storm outside…because I know everyone is going to be sitting on the edges of their seats waiting for the info…haha…yeah right.