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Making Progress

Making Progress

Last week I went to Beaumont to spend a few days with my family.  My mom drove down from Abilene for her spring break and we were able see the progress being made on Nana & Papa’s house in Winnie.  Man…this house remodel from Hurricane Ike is a sloooooow process.  The contractor and crew that are doing the work are doing a great job…there is just a TON of work to be done.  Even after the crew is finished, the “family crew” will have months of work to do to get everything out of storage, unpacked, & everybody moved back in.  I guess I know what my summer break will consist of… ;).

Here are just a few before & after pictures of the house.

a few days after the storm…water in the main living area

entry way…water line

front of the house…1 week after the storm…roof had to be repaired, windows & doors replaced, new paint, shutters, & repair the chimney

work being done!

new concrete flooring (tile coming soon), new side doors & windows, wood will be stained white to brighten everything up…finally!

entry way with brand new doors!

There is still ALOT of work to do, but they have some great progress!  Paint, carpet, tile, & wood flooring have all been chosen and painting should be happening as soon as everything is textured.  Almost every wall downstairs had to be repaired.  All new flooring everywhere downstairs except in Beth’s room and every room upstairs is receiving a MAJOR overhaul due to water damage…except the game room…only minor repairs there.