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I Can’t Seem to Keep Up…

I Can’t Seem to Keep Up…

It’s hard to believe it has already been over a month since I posted last.  Man…time flies when you’re having fun!  It seems like we’ve been really busy over the last few weeks.  Spring Break was a wonderfully relaxing week and I’m happy to say that I accomplished alot while off of work.  You know…the important things like…getting my hair cut & highlighted, shopping, doctor’s appointment, maintenance on “Squeaks” (my wonderful 11 year old car), etc…  Probably the highlight of my spring break was being invited to the Taylor Swift concert with my aunt and cousins.  She played at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo and it was lots of fun!  She’s a good performer, bu you can really tell how young she is…just compared to other performers.

We started off April by celebrating the March and April birthdays with my family.  We got to celebrate Brad’s, Papa’s, and my birthdays at Monica and Brad’s and had FANTASTIC weather for the day!  My aunt gave us tickets to the Astros 2nd game of the season and we saw them win in extra innings.  I’m so glad baseball season is back!  We went out to dinner for my birthday to P.F. Changs…holy cow…it was delicious!  For my birthday this year, I only wanted 2 things…a Wii Fit and plants for the backyard. My sweet husband got me both!

We planted trees the weekend before my birthday and they look really good!  We ended up picking 2 Live Oaks and 3 Pink Crepte Myrtles.  We still have ALOT of work to do in the backyard, but we’ve at least made some progress.  I’m having a hard time finding plants that will tolerate full sun…since our trees are brand new and we don’t have a covered patio…yet…we have ABSOLUTELY ZERO SHADE.  Our eventual goal is to line the back fence with some type of shrub…probably either Indian Hawthorne or Red Tips.  Once we get our patio covered we are going to do beds along the edge of the patio to add some color to the yard.  We will probably dig out beds around all of the trees and put some type of grassy plant around the base of the trees.

According to our neighbors, the people who lived here before us were not yard people.  They had trees planted back here and managed to kill them.  We also have patches of dead grass because they just decided to quit watering the yard…seriously?  We have a freaking sprinkler system that is programmable!

We celebrated Easter with our families and took a weekend trip to Abilene to visit my family.  It was a great weekend with them.  We took the dog with us…since she can’t be boarded without freaking out…and we will not do that again for a while.  She was super great in the car, slept the whole way there…but definitely she and Duke (my parents HUGE black lab) did not get along.  It was a long weekend of alternating which dog was loose in the house and there was LOTS of barking.  While in Abilene, my dad found out that the HEB there ships live crawfish in every weekend, so we bought 20 lbs and had a crawfish boil in my parents backyard.  20 lbs. was not even close to enough…we could have easily put away 40-50 lbs. but we got started too late to really go all out.  Crawfish in Abilene…I never thought that would happen. I also got to see the place my sister is planning her wedding.  Its a beautiful ballroom in downtown Abilene and will be perfect.  We met with the caterer too to work up a tentative menu and get an estimate…so fun!

It’s been a super busy week so far and we are definitely ready for the weekend.  We got my aunt’s tickets to the Astros game last night and saw them win against the Dodgers.  It was a great game…just really slow.  It was nice to see them get another win.

We celebrate our 2nd anniversary next week…hard to believe its already been 2 years!  Pictures to come from our HOT DATE!

Happy Wednesday!