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No More…COKES?!?!?!?!

No More…COKES?!?!?!?!

Well…after probably 24 years or so of drinking Cokes, I can officially say that I’ve quit.  It wasn’t by choice and it wasn’t easy, but its been one week and I’ve been completely Coca-Cola free.  I had an appointment with a neurologist last week because the migraines I’ve had most of my life just aren’t getting any better.  They aren’t happening more frequently than in the past, but when I get them, about every 2 weeks, the pain has been getting worse.  I’ve just decided that there has to be some way that these headaches can be prevented…or at least we can try to prevent them.  I also just need some peace of mind that there is nothing abnormal going on in my brain that could be causing these headaches.

So…anyways…back to the no more cokes…I went to the neurologist on Wednesday and he agreed that we should work on preventing the migraines because I am having too many of them.  He gave a prescription for a medicine called Topamax.  He rattled off some of the side effects…told me not worry if I noticed slight weight loss or tingling in my hands and feet or even being tired.  He said to take it at night and most of the side effects won’t be as bad…sounds good to me.  I took the first dose Wednesday night at bedtime and noticed minor tingling Thursday morning as I got dressed for work…no big deal…I could deal with that, especially if it prevents my migraines.  As I drove to work that morning, I cracked open my first Coke of the day and took the first sip and it tasted so bad that I almost spit it out the window.  At first I thought it must have been a bad can of Coke.  I took a couple more sips and they got worse and worse…and then I remembered it…I read the night before about some additional side effects…a change in taste buds specifically affecting carbonated beverages.  I called Matt right away to tell him the bad news.  I was so sad!  I love my Cokes!

The headaches from no caffeine were HORRIBLE until Saturday, but since then I’ve been pretty ok.  I’ve been tired, which I think is a combination of the end of the school year, no more caffeine, and the medicine, but oh well.  It will be a while before we know if it is actually preventing the migraines, but we’re hoping.  In the meantime, I’ve had blood work done and 2 MRI’s have been scheduled to check the brain and the blood flow in the brain to make sure everything is normal.  All the while…I’m trying new drinks and have found a love for Vitamin Water Multi…its Lemonade flavor and its really good!  I guess as long as the medicine works, I’m a no Coke girl!

I Went to How Many Target’s???

I Went to How Many Target’s???

A couple of weeks ago, Matt and I decided that we would have his family over to celebrate Mother’s Day at our house.  Because they were coming over for dinner, I decided I “needed” new dishes.  I finally found what I wanted at Target (duh…where else do I shop???), but the Target by our house didn’t have enough to make a complete 8 piece place setting set.  No big deal, I’ll just run to a couple of other Targets on my way home from work.  What sounded like an extremely simple task soon turned into a hunt throughout all Houston area Target stores.  I went to a total of NINE….yes, 9 different Target stores to get the dishes, but it was so worth it…I love them so much!  I think its safe to say that I am a fanatic about dishes, I could never have enough…a different set for everyday would FABULOUS! 

After my crazy scavenger hunt through the Houston area Target stores, Matt and I had an absolutely wonderful weekend!  It was super busy, but we had a great time.  Friday night, we had Matt’s family over for a steak dinner at our house to celebrate Mother’s Day with his mom and grandmother.  It was a really great evening – we really enjoy having them over to our house and I got to use my new dishes!  Saturday was just plain busy.  We left Saturday morning to finish Mother’s Day shopping for my family and then it was home to make brownies and cookies for the annual crawfish boil at my cousins’ house.  Jeff did a great job on the crawfish and all of the other food was great too!  We love crawfish…the spicier, the better!  Saturday night was a late night, so we slept in a little bit…its sad when sleeping until 7:30 is “sleeping in”…and then headed out for Mother’s Day in Beaumont.  It was wonderful to see my family and spend Mother’s Day with Nana and my aunts, but we sure did miss my mom.  It had been several years since I had gotten to spend the day with them and it was great!

When we left the Mother’s Day festivities at my aunt and uncle’s house, we stopped by the Big House in Winnie to check the progress of the contractors.  Nana warned me before we went in, but “WOW”…it doesn’t even look like the same house!

Nana’s brand new kitchen!  Totally new appliances, countertops, & backsplash…its just beautiful!

All new slate flooring in the kitchen, living area, laundry room, back sun porch, and back bathroom…simply gorgeous!

They were FINALLY able to convince Papa to paint the wood paneling in the living area…it looks awesome now!

The house is almost finished and we are set to start to moving everything and everyone back in as soon as school is over.  The kids bedrooms have been painted upstairs and they look great!  The only thing that still hasn’t been started on yet is the bathroom upstairs, but that should be finished soon.  The rest of the flooring (wood for the entry way and library and carpet for all of the bedrooms) will be put in as the very last things.  We are all so excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel and everyone is sooo ready to be back in the Big House this summer!

Only 3 weeks left until SUMMER VACATION!