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Ben Turns 3!!!

Ben Turns 3!!!

Tuesday, my cousin’s little boy turned 3 years old!  It’s so hard to believe he’s already 3…he’s a little boy now…not a baby anymore and I’ll be honest…I’m a little sad :( .  I love the age he’s at though because he’s got an awesome personality, he’s funny, and he’s lots of fun!  Matt and I are so glad we live close to them now so that we can see them on a regular basis and be there for special days…like Ben’s 3rd birthday.  We went over to drop off a little birthday surprise and have dinner and we got the VIP tour of his new playhouse in the backyard.  It’s pretty cool complete with a slide and climbing wall.




…he’s just so darn adorable!

Nana’s 70th Birthday Bash!

Nana’s 70th Birthday Bash!

This was an extremely busy weekend as we celebrated my Nana’s 70th birthday with a huge surprise party!  My parents drove down from Abilene Thursday and we all headed to Beaumont for the festivities Friday afternoon.  It was a surprise party, so we told Nana that we were in town to look for wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses for my sister’s wedding, so she shopped with my mom, sister, and I all day while everybody else worked at my aunt’s house to set everything up. When we drove up to the house everybody was waiting outside to surprise her and then the celebrations began with swimming, fish frying, lots of eating, and visiting with family and friends.

After I scanned all 350 pictures, Matt put together an awesome slideshow with great music and we got to sit and reminisce through pictures.  He’s so good at making those!

We partied until almost midnight, so instead of driving home that late, we decided to spend the night at my grandparents house and hang out with my parents more before they drove back to Abilene today.

Nana's 70th Birthday Slideshow 049my Nana as a little girl…about 9 or 10 years old…

Nana's 70th Birthday Slideshow 325my Nana & Papa on our family vacation to Daytona Beach, Florida – 2003

Nana's 70th Birthday Slideshow 104Nana was my “honorary Best Woman” in our wedding…apparently I asked her if she would be my “best woman” when I got married when I was really little…

Nana's 70th Birthday Slideshow 275Such a beautiful woman!

Happy 70th Birthday, Nana!

July 4th Weekend

July 4th Weekend

July 4th weekend was pretty low key around here and it was really nice for a change!  Typically in my family, holidays were always a HUGE deal and they still are for the most part, but this year, July 4th seemed to be an “on your own” celebration.

We started the holiday weekend with LOTS of yard work on Friday.  Matt had Friday off, so we got up early and got started in the yard so we could finish before the temps hit 100.  We worked for about 4 1/2 hours mowing, weed-eating, pulling weeds, cleaning out flower beds, spreading new mulch around the trees and in the flower beds, and finally washing the front porch.  It was so hot outside and we decided when we do mulch next year we will definitely do it in March or April before it reaches 100+ outside!  Finally after we finished our yard work we were able to run errands and get ready for our July 4th celebration.

For the 4th, my cousins, Jeff, Alison, & Ben came over to our house for the afternoon and we hung out at the pool for the afternoon.  They have a great little kiddie pool with slides and fountains and Ben had a blast!  Alison said he has talked about the froggie slide since they left…I think we’ll be seeing them quite a bit this summer for swim time!  Along with swimming we had LOTS of delicious food – ranch dip, boudain dip, grilled chicken, burgers, roasted potatoes, grilled corn on the cob, and homemade banana pudding!  After dinner it was time for fireworks, so we went to a park down the street and sat up on a hill – the highest spot in the neighborhood and got to watch people shoot off fireworks – which ironically enough – are strictly prohibited in our neighborhood!   They were beautiful and Ben loved them!  Unfortunately…our dog did not enjoy the fireworks…the kids in the neighborhood started shooting them Friday night and continued through Sunday night and it was almost constant barking until they finally stopped around midnight each night…ugh!

It will be a pretty uneventful week around here…just getting ready for my parents to come visit!