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Welcome to the World Baby Jack!

Welcome to the World Baby Jack!

My cousins, Jeff and Alison, had their second baby boy late Sunday night.  He surprised us 3 weeks early, but everybody is happy and healthy.  We waited for Baby Jack to make his debut into the world all afternoon and he finally graced us with his presence at 11:58 pm.  He was a teeny tiny little guy, weighing only 6 lbs, 6 oz and 18 1/4 inches long.  We prayed long and hard for him to be born healthy and without complication, since Alison dealt with some pretty serious health issues throughout the pregnancy and God was faithful.  He is absolutely perfect – what an AWESOME God we serve!



Big Brother Ben was completely enthralled with little Jack!


I’m already crazy about this adorable little guy!  What a great early Christmas surprise.  I can’t wait to watch him grow up.

The Sights of Christmas

The Sights of Christmas

This is what Christmas looks like at the Manges household…we order as much as we possibly can because not only does it get delivered directly to the front door, but it also prevents us from having to spend as much time out in the stores.  On one particular day last week, I came home from work to find 7, yes, SEVEN boxes on our front porch!  Our office, hall closet, and underneath our bed look like Santa’s workshop.


Snow in Houston!

Snow in Houston!

The meteorologists started talking about it earlier in the week and I didn’t really believe them.  I heard them mention the “S” word and just thought, “yeah right”…in Houston?  Well they were right…the two fronts collided and about 8:30 this morning, the white stuff started falling.  Schools started to close and call for early dismissals and even many businesses across town started shutting down early.  My school district, of course, did not close, or dismiss early…but it wasn’t really a big deal.  The kids were extremely excited about the snow and just couldn’t believe that we were going to make them do work when it was snowing outside…but they did all manage to survive until the last bell rang to end the day at 2:30.  The snow was really coming down when I left right after school ended and I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw in the backyard when I got home.



the dog wasn’t really sure what to think of the snow…she’s not a big fan

Obviously we didn’t get a whole heck of a whole of snow in our part of town, but some parts of the Houston area got 4 inches of snow!  Crazy!

New Favorite Hot Sauce

New Favorite Hot Sauce

Matt and I have found a new favorite hot sauce.  It’s not very often that we actually agree on a hot sauce because he likes his really hot and I prefer mine more on the mild to slightly medium side.  Last time we were at the ranch, though, my aunt pulled out a jar of mesquite roasted hot sauce for us to enjoy with nachos one afternoon.  The following day, while shopping in Fredericksburg, I just had to purchase my own jar.  It was so good!

I forgot we had the jar in the pantry until Sunday evening when we made nachos for dinner and I pulled the chips out for something to munch on while I was cooking.  I saw the hot sauce on the shelf and we opened it up and it was just as good as we remembered it being when we tasted it at the ranch.


Unfortunately, you can’t purchase this jarred goodness in grocery stores.  But you can order it online by visiting Meier Ranch Foods

You should totally order some!  It would even make a really good stocking stuffer for other hot sauce lovers this holiday season!



Thanksgiving was truly wonderful.  I was beyond thrilled when school let out on Tuesday afternoon and my Thanksgiving break had officially begun.  Wednesday was full of preparations for my family’s arrival from Abilene and for the big day.  I ran lots of errands, including lunch with Matt, finishing some birthday shopping for my family, dropping off the oil for turkey frying, and multiple trips to the grocery store.

My family arrived Wednesday evening and we enjoyed a lovely pre-Thanksgiving dinner with my cousins at Chuy’s.  My family had never been, and since it is easily one of favorite places to eat, we felt it was only appropriate to introduce them.  After dinner we enjoyed just relaxing around the house and getting food ready to take to my grandparents’ house the next morning.

Thursday morning we got up and had breakfast and coffee before driving out to my grandparents’ house where the festivities would take place.  Not only were we celebrating Thanksgiving, but we were also celebrating some family birthdays for November and for the kids who have been off at college the last few months and missed being home for their birthdays.  The day was absolutely perfect.  The food was…WONDERFUL!  We had 3 delicious fried turkeys, ham, Nana’s famous dressing & gravy, a whole giant table full of sides, and a another gigantic table full of desserts.  If you walked away hungry at the end of the day, it was definitely your own fault!  Since we weren’t able to celebrate Thanksgiving at Nana and Papa’s house last year due to the damage sustained by Hurricane Ike, this year was extra special to us and we were VERY THANKFUL to be back in the house.  Not only was the day full of food and birthdays, but there was also alot of football on TV.  The Cowboys’ game was watched, with a happy ending and then the biggest game of the day brought out the true rivalry in our family.  By night fall, we had all donned our appropriate sweatshirts and school colors to watch A&M take on UT.  Unfortunately, UT pulled out the win, but it was a really good game and A&M did much better than any of expected!

It’s a super cute picture…too bad she’s wearing that horrible color!

Friday morning all of the ladies ventured out for some Black Friday shopping.  We no longer get started at 4:00 AM, instead we waited around and didn’t even hit Target until 9:30 or 10:00…haha!.  We shopped the Woodland’s Mall, but unfortunately, I didn’t walk away with anything except shoes for my sister’s wedding.  They are super cute though!

Saturday we did a bit more shopping and then drove out to Tomball to spend some time with one of my dad’s brothers and his family.  We enjoyed dinner with them and lots of laughs.  My family came back to our house Saturday night and then packed up and hit the road back to Abilene early Sunday morning.

Matt and I got the Christmas lights put up outside and the decorations put up inside and then ventured out to find the perfect tree.  We found one at Lowe’s this year and I will probably put the lights on and start decorating one night this week.  I’m waiting to let the branches “fall” a little bit since the tree was bundled when we found it.

We are getting very excited about the upcoming Holiday season.  It will be a very busy few weeks as I wrap up the Fall semester with my kiddos at school and try to get my Christmas shopping started, and finished.  We are also anxiously awaiting the arrival of my cousins’ new baby, little Jack.  He should be here sometime around Christmas…maybe Matt will have a birthday buddy!