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May…How I Love Thee…

May…How I Love Thee…

So far the month of May has been extremely busy…as it always seems to be.  We started the month off with one of my cousins FINALLY marrying his long-time girlfriend.  My family came in from Abilene for the occasion and we had a great weekend seeing them and celebrating with Bubba and Autumn.  We got to spend lots of fun time with my sister and Jake that weekend and take them to some fun restaurants and they got to do some shopping and Jake got to see the great city of Houston!  My parents and brother were here also, so we definitely had a house full!  I love when my family comes to visit…we always have so much fun with them!  :)  The wedding was good…it was in Beaumont at the church we all grew up in…talk about taking us back in time…that place hasn’t changed at all…I felt like I was about 10 years old again!  The reception was pretty, the food was good, and the company was great!  The drive back to Houston after it was all over with was looooong though.

congratulations guys!

This past weekend seemed just as busy.  Saturday morning we were lazy…Matt mowed the yard, I graded papers and then we went to Jeff and Alison’s annual crawfish boil.  Man, oh,  man…those crawfish were tasty this year…and so was everything else I stuffed myself with over the course of the afternoon/evening!

Sunday was Mother’s day and my birthday celebration with my family in Beaumont, so we picked up Jeff and Ben Sunday morning and made our way to Beaumont for the festivities.  We had a tasty lunch of fajitas and 3 different desserts…birthday cake, ice cream with fresh fruit, and banana pudding.  Nobody went hungry, that’s for sure!  All the mom’s seemed to have a wonderful day and my family gave me lots of good stuff for my birthday!

Now…I am officially counting down the number of school days left!  We only have 16 days left including final exam days, which are all half days…I’m SO ready for this year to be over.  This has been a really trying year with my kids and I need a break!  I’m ready to relax and go on vacation and spend some time by the pool.  We are also very excited to welcome a new cousin into our always growing family, my cousin is due to have her baby ANY DAY NOW…and I couldn’t be more excited to meet sweet Miss Adley Ann.  We are so ready to meet her…come on already!