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Baseball Trip – Boston

Baseball Trip – Boston

Whew…this post has been a long time coming!

Our last stop on our Baseball Dream Vacation was the city of Boston.  We caught an early Saturday morning train out of NYC to Boston and for the longer train trip, we upgraded our seats to Business class, which was super nice…big, comfy leather seats and tons of leg room!  When we arrived in Boston it was raining…and the rain just continued through the duration of our time there.  We were able to walk just a few blocks from the train station to our fabulous historic boutique hotel, the Lenox.  It was gorgeous!

We checked in, dropped off luggage, and walked down the street to get some lunch.  I loved being in these cities where walking is the primary mode of transportation, but when its gross and raining, I would much prefer to be in my car.  Something about walking in the rain just seems abnormal to me, but everyone else appeared to be perfectly accustomed to it…No Thanks!

Even though it was raining, we ventured out into Boston and walked a decent chunk of the Freedom Trail and saw tons of neat, historic places like the cemetery where Paul Revere is buried, the old North Church (which is still used for church services), Paul Revere’s home, the old Massachusetts State House, and Boston’s old City Hall.  The city of Boston is really neat, especially the old parts, with narrow streets and cobblestone paths and old brownstone buildings.

On Sunday, our last full day in Boston, we geared up for game day at Fenway.  Luckily, the rain stayed away for the duration of the game, but the cool, damp, foggy air did not.  I was definitely not impressed with the weather in Boston.  The game was great, our seats were amazing, and the food was pretty dang good.  We still cracked up laughing at the accents of many of the people sitting around us…so funny!

the old North Church

front of the Old North Church

walking into the park!

view from our seats

the field and the Green Monster in the background