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Our Life Lately

Our Life Lately

Wow…the last three weeks have been nothing more than a total blur.  School started off with a bang and we are finishing our 3rd week of school.  The year has really gotten off to a great start.  I really love my kids this year and thankfully, haven’t had any real issues with any of my students so far.  We are having a great time getting to know each other and I’m really looking forward to the year ahead of us.  I’m really excited about alot of the changes we’ve made to our curriculum and lessons and we’ve set some pretty awesome goals for our team of Geography teachers this year.

Aside from school, life at home has been super busy as well.  Matt is working about 60 hours a week and has been since about January…YUP…you read that right…60 hours a week, for the last 9 months!  He’s exhausted and we’re ready to have our evenings back so we can just relax and hang out together.

We’ve also gotten our dog, Bailey, more advanced behavior training and we’ve really seen quite a difference.  She’s alot better about not jumping on us when we come home and she’s better…not great yet…about not jumping up on the counters.  We’re excited about her being a calmer, less frustrating part of our family.  We’re also working on walking on leash without pulling us down the street.

The desk we built for the office this summer is just about finished.  It’s in the office, completely assembled and the veneer has been applied to the edges, so now we’re just waiting on stain.  I tested three different colors of stain on some scrap wood and wasn’t in love with any of them, so it’s back to the drawing board.  We’re looking for something with red in it to match the color of the wood floors in the office.  I’m pretty sure that since most of the contents of the office are sitting haphazardly in the entry way and dining room of my house, I will decide on a stain color relatively quickly just so I can get everything put back where it all belongs.  I can’t stand clutter.  Once we finish the desk, I think our next goal is to build a bed for our bedroom.  We know what we want it to look like, we just need a couple of free weekends to get it done.  Maybe sometime soon our life will slow down…maybe.

Hopefully now that my life is back in a routine, I’ll get back into a better blogging routine.