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Ranch 2010

Ranch 2010

Every year after Christmas the family heads to the ranch in Harper, TX.  It is an absolutely wonderful way to regroup and relax after a busy Christmas season.  It’s also a lovely few days of comfy clothes and no makeup!  It wasn’t as cold out there this year as it was last…no sleet or snow this time, but we managed to have just as much fun.  The first day we got there, the girls & kids drove into Fredericksburg to get groceries…always an all day affair when you’re buying for nearly 20 people!  We got home just in time to get supper cooked by the time the boys were returning from the evening hunt.  The boys were also rather successful in their hunting endeavors this year and the girls spent alot of time walking the pastures and we managed to find several “sheds” (the antlers that the different species of deer shed during certain times of the year).

Ben and me out walking…he found a shed and a cow bone

we also spent lots of time playing cards, watching movies, reading books, and roasting marshmallows.

My dad and Bailey (cousin’s boyfriend) with their turkeys!  They sure did taste good a few nights later!

the view from Matt’s stand…no he didn’t kill any of them.  He shot a big nasty hog which was promptly thrown on the gut pile and he also shot 2 turkeys, which we will be eating sometime soon.

We had a great time this year and as always can’t wait to go back!

2010…A Look Back

2010…A Look Back

January – For the second year in a row, we celebrated the New Year with dinner at Pappadeaux and fell asleep before 2010 ever arrived!  We also enjoyed a New Year’s meal at Chuy’s with Jeff, Alison, Ben, and (then) itty, bitty baby Jack.  We had also started planning and buying the various tickets for our Summer Baseball extravaganza.

February – February started with a trip to Abilene for my sister’s bridal shower.  Sara, the lady she nannies for gave a beautiful shower for her, our family, and the some of the sweet ladies in Abilene.  We were just 1 month away from Jillie & Jake’s wedding date…we were busy!

March – The first weekend of March was Jillie’s shower in Beaumont for our family and old friends.  It was a beautiful morning at Monica’s house just outside of Beaumont.  After the shower, my mom, aunt Monica, Jillie, and cousin Rachel drove to Houston to go to the John Mayer concert.  It was a great night and one of our last girls’ nights before Jillie got married.  That same weekend we also had a shower for my cousin’s fiance, Autumn.  Her friends gave the shower and both of the couples got lovely gifts.  I spent spring break in Abilene getting last minute things ready for the weekend and watched my beautiful little sister get married at the end of the week.  We had hoped and prayed for beautiful weather, but we woke up the day of the wedding to a light covering of snow and bitterly cold winds…oh well!  Another great memory!  The day before leaving for Abilene, I got pulled over for the very first time in my life…speeding…seriously???  Bad luck!

April – Easter was early…the first weekend of April.  The next weekend we made a trip to College Station – our first since moving to Houston.  Two dear friends, Jeff & Katie, were moving to Tennessee and a going away brunch was being was being given in their honor.  We also spent the afternoon eating at some of our favorite and most missed restaurants in CS.  Matt and I were invited to celebrate sweet baby Jack’s baptism at their church.  We gave a baby shower for my cousin, Alexandrah who was expecting a baby girl and Matt and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary with some wonderfully tasty steaks and baked potatoes at home.

May – My cousin Bubba and his sweet bride, Autumn got married on May 1st and my cousin Harrison also celebrated his 13th birthday on the 1st.  Can’t believe he’s 13…I remember the day he was born!  We also attended the annual crawfish boil at my cousin’s house…Crawfish 2010 was a huge success!  Matt and I also started doing some shopping for clothes and comfy shoes for our baseball trip in June.

June – June was a busy month and started off with a bang.  The day before school let out, my cousin gave birth to her sweet baby girl, Adley Ann.  Alexandrah did great and Adley was a big baby!  School ended, and we left for our baseball extravaganza that weekend.  We had a blast touring the baseball stadiums on the east coast and spending some wonderful quality time with each other.  My brother celebrated his 21st birthday and got a shiny new truck!  I spent a fabulously relaxing week in Dallas/Abilene with my mom and I finally started weaning off of the migraine prevention medicine that had helped me get my headaches under control, but had taken over with some CRAZY side effects.

July – After what had been very busy year, July finally gave  us a chance to slow down.  We started building a desk for our office, I did some trainings for school and we took a quick trip to San Antonio for the wedding of a good friend from A&M.

August – August started off right…a trip to the Ranch for 5 days!  We spent our time at the ranch laying out by the pool and riding 4-wheelers.  LOVE the ranch!  We finished the desk, started my week of inservice, and welcomed in a new group of students for another fun-filled school year.

September – September was another calm and uneventful month.  I helped with a baby shower for a sweet friend from church, we helped our good friends, Landon & Aja move into their new house in Missouri City, and started a book study with our first family from church.

October – I helped with a baby for another good friend from church and we started the Thursday Night Supper Club.  I took a quick weekend trip to Abilene for ACU’s homecoming and watched my beautiful cousin be honored on the Homecoming Court.  We managed to throw a surprise party for my aunt Beth’s 50th birthday and she was completely surprised!  How fun!  We finished our book study with our first family from church and worked the PLINKO booth at the church’s Family Fest on Halloween.

November – I attended a Ladies Retreat with a group from church, and Matt started building a bed for our bedroom!  We drove up to College Station to watch A&M play Nebraska and we saw a great game!  A&M won and we had a blast with our friends from Dallas.  We celebrated Thanksgiving in Abilene with my family this year…a first…and we had a wonderful few days at my parents’ house.

December – December was nothing but busy.  We had lots of good, quality time with friends and family celebrating birthdays and Christmas with those we love.  Christmas was fabulous and we had a great week at the Ranch after Christmas.  We rang in the new year with some dear friends and I actually  made it midnight…& well beyond…this year!

2010 was one of our busiest years yet.  Matt started a project at work in January and worked MASSIVE amounts of overtime for most of the year.  We had a fabulous summer vacation and have been so thankful for our wonderful family and sweet friends.  This has been a year of very high up’s and some very low downs, and we are more thankful everyday for each other and the love that we share.  2011 is off to a great start and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this year!

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 has come and gone…what a fabulous time we had!

I finished shopping the Monday before Christmas and was able to spend the rest of the week miles away from the nearest stores!  It was blissful!  Our Christmas festivities began on the 23rd when we joined Matt’s dad & Michelle for dinner to celebrate Christmas.  We had dinner at a fabulous steakhouse and exchanged gifts with them.  Good food, great company…Merry Christmas #1!  On Christmas Eve, I finished wrapping gifts, picked up the house, and made my annual batch of “Trash” (chex mix).  My family arrived from Abilene after driving all day in the rain with a truckload of gifts and shortly after their arrival, we all went our separate ways.  Matt and I spend Christmas Eve with his mom, Kevin, sister, and grandmother, so we went over there for dinner and gifts….Merry Christmas #2!

Christmas morning was an early morning for most of us.  Even though we don’t have kids waking up super early, we have to drive to Beaumont to my grandparents house for the afternoon, so that means we have to get Christmas morning started pretty quickly.  We opened gifts, stockings, had coffee, and breakfast…Merry Christmas #3!… and were out of the house by about 11:00.  Not bad for 7 people!

all the goodies!

We had Christmas at Nana & Papa’s house for the rest of Christmas day…Merry Christmas #4&5!  We tried something new this year and did a white elephant style gift exchange between all of the adults and we had a really good time.  There were some really great gifts given!  Can’t wait ’till next year!

Christmas is always a late night for us driving back to Houston after a long day at Nana’s, but it’s worth it.

The morning after started off with bagels from Panera, coffee, and packing everything to spend the rest of the week at the ranch…love our times out there!