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What a Week!

What a Week!

Whew…just thinking about last week makes me tired!

Work was absolutely crazy, but it helped make the week go by quickly.  The teacher next door to me went into labor Sunday morning and hadn’t planned to be out until this coming week, so that left me scrambling to figure out where her kids were in our unit and figure out what they needed to do.  Her permanent sub finally showed up on Wednesday, but it didn’t really make a difference whether it’s the permanent sub or just a random sub…the kids apparently think it’s playtime.  In addition to getting everything straightened out for the classes next door, our district is transitioning to teaching World Geography thematically next year instead of regionally like we are currently teaching.  This is going to be a great move, it just requires TONS of work right now.  I’m working on trying to figure out which theme our current lessons will fit into and because I’m the test writer for our school, I will eventually have to rewrite all of the tests to reflect the new thematic lessons as well as the new state standards for the end of course exams that will be coming next spring.  It sounds like I’m going to have a busy summer.

Other than work, Matt is in his review course for the PE (professional engineering, I think) exam that he’ll take in April.  He’ll be in class twice a week, plus next weekend, until the end of March.  He’s learning lots of good stuff and seems to be doing really well on all of the problems they’re working through, so hopefully his test will go well.  We already have plans to go out and celebrate when his test is finished…it just so happens that celebration day is scheduled for my birthday!

Other than staying busy with work and school and studying (sounds like we’re back in college!) we’re just enjoying life and loving our times with each other and our sweet friends.  The guys have started meeting once a week for dinner and they’re having a really good time hanging out with each other and helping hold each other accountable.

New Curtains

New Curtains

Matt and I decided to use some of our money from Christmas to get curtains for our living room.  We have one wall that has 3 huge windows and super tall ceilings in our living room.  I didn’t want to necessarily cover the windows, I just needed something to kinda define the space and break up the neutral tones.  I found the curtains at Pottery Barn and luckily they came in a long enough length that would work for our tall ceilings.  We ordered the curtains, found the hardware, and got them hung this past weekend.  I am beyond happy with the turnout!  They are exactly what I have been looking for.  Unfortunately they don’t match the couch…at all…but a new couch is also on my list in the next few months, so I decided it was a better idea to spend money on curtains that I loved, instead of curtains that would match the couch I don’t really love.

isn’t the pattern just great?

I told you the patterns don’t match…haha!  Oh well…only a few short months and hopefully that couch will be relegated to the game room.

Ski Trip!

Ski Trip!

The first weekend of February, we crossed another thing off of our list of things to do and places to go.  We flew to Denver for 5 very frigid days of skiing in Breckenridge.   I was really excited to go to Colorado and spend a few days in the mountains and snow…2 things I had never really seen before.  Since I had never skied before, I signed up for ski school the first day we were there and then skied the 2nd day with Matt.  Skiing was pretty good…though I wouldn’t say its my favorite thing in the world.  I think if/when we go back, I will probably stick to the spas and shopping…hahah!

We had a blast hanging out with our friends, cooking meals, and watching the superbowl.  Breckenridge got about 2 feet of snow while we were there…which was so cool to see.  The snow is pretty and fun to see, but I’m so glad it doesn’t snow in Houston.  I couldn’t handle all that.  And seriously…I have NEVER been so cold in all my life.  O.M.G…it was awful.  I think the warmest it got while we were there was 21 and the day we left, it was -9!  Not only was it freezing cold, but it snowed pretty much the whole time we were there and it was so, so windy.  Needless to say, these spring-like temps the last few days in Houston have been very welcomed in our house.

The only downside to the ski trip was the lovely stomach bug that most of our ski caught and passed around while we were in CO.  The worst part of the bug only lasted about 24 hours, but it took most of us a few days to really feel 100% again.

at the base of the mountain, about to get back on the chair lift…lovely bank robber mask, huh?

yup…I fell…several times…haha!

the girls…Becky, Brittnie, me

the boys…Matt, Ben, & Brandon

We had a blast and can’t wait for our next trip!  After the winter we’ve had and the crazy cold in Breckenridge, we are most definitely going somewhere WARM & SUNNY!

Oh So Random…

Oh So Random…

2011 has gotten off to a really great and very busy start.

School is back in session for the spring semester and time is flying by.  I’ve had such a great year with my kiddos and I’m so thankful for a good group of kids this year.

A couple of friends, Aja and Wendi, and I have started a weekly program at church called RENEW that is designed to build relationships between and encourage working women.  We start every Sunday evening with yoga, a cooking demonstration, a lesson taught by an older woman from the church, and then we enjoy a delicious meal together.  Our evenings wrap up with prayer time with our mentors.  We are 2 weeks into the 6 week program and so far, I love it!  Yoga is great, and definitely something I want to continue after this class is over and we’ve gotten some really great recipes and household tips.  I love being part of our church!  It’s been such a great experience the last few years we’ve been in Houston.

Two of the couples that we are really good friends with are both expecting babies this summer and one couple, Landon and Aja, found out  last week the gender of their sweet little baby.  They had the dr’s office write the gender down on a piece of paper and then threw a gender reveal party the next evening.  It was so much fun to be there when they found out that they are expecting a baby BOY in June!  We are so excited for them and cannot wait to watch them transition into the role of parents.  I know they will be AWESOME parents and this will be one loved little boy.  Wade and Wendi find out what they’re having in a few weeks and we can’t wait to find out who the newest little member of our group will be!

After Matt’s crazy year at work last year, we decided we needed to do something to celebrate the end of the 60-70 hour work weeks.  We were able to get some super cheap plane tickets to Denver and planned a ski trip with a few of our close friends.  We are leaving for Breckenridge on Friday and we couldn’t be more excited!  We’ve turned it into a long weekend and will get to take off 2 days of work next week!  So excited for cold weather, snow, skiing, and lots of good laughs.  Hopefully all this crazy winter weather doesn’t delay us in getting out of Houston Friday evening…