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Last Weekend

Last Weekend

Last weekend was a busy one.  On Friday, Matt took his P.E. (professional engineering) exam.  It was an all day test, split into two sessions – morning and afternoon.  He had been studying and attending review classes since the end of January.  He put so much time and energy into preparing for the exam, I was so proud of him!  He finished studying Wednesday night and then took Thursday off of work to spend the day relaxing before exam day on Friday.  He feels like the exam went pretty well and we should find out his score sometime in mid-May…such a long wait!

The PE exam is open book, so Matt took his messenger bag and a rolling suitcase full of notes and books to use on the exam!

all of Matt’s materials

After a long day of testing, we went out for BBQ and frozen yogurt and then headed home for the rest of the evening.

Saturday was my birthday and we started to day off just right…sleeping in and lounging in bed until almost 10 o’clock.  It was a fabulous start to year 27!  We got dressed, had lunch at Chuy’s and then did some shopping/looking around the Highland Village area.  We also took a trip to Central Market and bought some fun things we can’t get at our HEB, picked out curtain rods for the kitchen windows, and then met some friends for dinner at Lupe Tortillas.  Mexican food twice in one day & shopping made for a glorious birthday!  We had a blast at dinner and this birthday will definitely go down in the record books as being one of my favorites!

Sunday we went to church and enjoyed our last brown bag lunch with our first family (small group).  After leaving the Speights’ house, we headed home, cleaned up the house a bit, picked up few groceries, and Matt’s guy friends came over for their weekly guy time.

It was a fabulous weekend!

Four Corners Softball Day

Four Corners Softball Day

A few weeks ago, I helped a group from church put on a softball day for a low socio-economic neighborhood just a few miles from our church called, Four Corners.  We’ve put a few activities out there before, and the kids are just great!  It was a very busy day checking in volunteers, kids to play, setting up coaching stations, softball/tee-ball fields, organizing tshirts, getting snacks ready, and eventually sitting down for supper.  Luckily we had a huge turn out of volunteers from the church and there was plenty of work to go around.

I was in charge of organizing the volunteers and keeping everybody busy.

it’s obvious that Aja and I were solving the problems of the world!

W split the kids into 3 different age groups and they started the day by rotating through coaching stations so they could learn how to play the game of softball or tee-ball.  We made sure everybody had a glove that fit reasonably well and they were taught the basics of running the bases, batting, and throwing/catching.  After the station rotations it was time to split into teams and come up with team names and colors.  Next they all made team tshirts and had snacks…and then…it was GAME TIME!  We had 3 games going at once so everybody was playing other kids close to their age and a bunch of the parents even came back to watch their kids new softball skills!

Rotating through the coaching stations

making tshirts and enjoying some snacks!

Game Time!

After the games were over, it was time to eat!  The dinner crew got the burgers grilled, all the fixins’ and sides set out and the kids (and volunteers) were able to relax and chow down!  The thing I was most excited about was not the food, but the time to just sit and relax!  It was a BUSY day!

After cleaning everything up, we ignored our aching feet and sunburns and grabbed some yogurt at Swirll with some friends.  Showering and climbing in bed at the end of the day was pure bliss!  We had a blast and so did the kids…can’t wait to do it again…sometime in the very distant future…haha!

All pictures taken from Aja’s blog…

Aja’s Baby Shower

Aja’s Baby Shower

Last weekend was the weekend of showers!  After surviving Hannah’s bridal shower on Sunday, I returned home to do another shower on Sunday afternoon.  This was for a couple of our very best friends, Aja and Landon and sweet baby Aedan, who will be in June.

We had the shower at the church and everything turned out super cute!  We had lots of Aja’s favorite foods and drinks, a blessing tree, and she got TONS of gifts.  Baby Aedan is definitely set whenever he arrives!

I stole these pictures from Aja’s blog because I was busy most of the time writing down all her gifts.

the table…Landon & Aja are runners, so they used a pair of Landon’s baby tennis shoes and made a running trail.  It was so adorable!

some of us at the showers…Kaleena (& Fiona), Becky, me, Brittnie, and Wendi.  Wade and Wendi’s sweet baby boy will be here in July!  Can’t wait for all these babies!

She opened gifts pretty much the whole 2 hours!

Aja & Landon…they are going to be such great parents!  We are so thankful for their friendship!

Hannah’s Bridal Shower

Hannah’s Bridal Shower

Last weekend my mom and sister drove from Abilene on Thursday and we took Friday off work to go to Beaumont and prepare for my cousin Hannah’s bridal shower.  We held the shower at the church where some of my family attends and it was a complete success.

Upon arriving in Beaumont, we enjoyed lunch at Jason’s Deli with Monica, Brad, Hannah, Rachel, and Bailey (Rachel’s fiance).  After lunch my mom, Jillie, and I went to Sam’s and HEB to get the food for the shower and then headed up to the church to unload the very packed Tahoe and get the tables and chairs set up for the shower.  Later that afternoon we returned to the church to start cooking and decorating.  We assembled the wedding cake tea cake cookies, baked & iced mini cupcakes, and Nana joined us to do the flower arrangements.  We were there super late and because we never stopped to eat supper, we make a quick stop through Sonic and got food before heading back to Monica and Brad’s house for the night.  We were up super late Friday night and it definitely made a very early Saturday morning.

We woke up early and got ready for the shower and went to church to finish cooking and setting everything up.  Once we arrived at the church, we finished cooking all of the food and got all the drinks made.  The food was absolutely delicious and we had a great turn out of people.  I’m pretty sure Hannah got everything she and Justin registered for, plus some!

This was our sweets table…fruit salad, chocolate covered strawberries, zucchini bread, mini cupcakes, & mini wedding cake tea cakes.

a close-up of the mini cupcakes and mini wedding cake tea cakes.  My mom and I each baked about 2 dozen tea cakes of each size and then stacked them & “glued” them before icing them and putting the flowers on top.  They were super cute and quite tasty!

The food table…chicken pasta salad, potato salad, chicken salad, mini toasts with bruschetta, stuffed roma tomatoes, and a chicken nugget tray from Chick-fil-a.

the table for the opened gifts…Nana did a great job on the floral arrangements.  We found this idea in a magazine, 10 bud vases tied together to create the arrangement.  It turned out so great!

All the goodies!

the hostesses…Jennifer, Beverly, Nana, Aunt Joyce, Jillie, me, Hannah, my mom, & Katha

sweet Miss Adley Ann…she’s so adorable I would bring her home with me!

The shower was great and I think Hannah had a blast.  The day was nowhere near over though.  We were planning to do some quick shopping after the shower and head to Nana and Papa’s house to eat supper with everybody before coming back to Houston.  Our plan was slightly derailed when Jillie blacked out and had to be taken to the ER.  We got to Nana’s a little late, but luckily we got there and Jillie was at least ok.  She’s had a really rough week and has a bunch of doctor’s appointments and tests being run in the next week or so, so hopefully she will get some answers about her new diabetes diagnosis and the cause of the frequent black outs.


The Sisterhood Ring

The Sisterhood Ring

It started  last year with my mom and her sisters.  Each of the sisters has bought or will be buying another sister the “sisterhood ring” from James Avery.  When my sister and I found about this, we knew it was something we wanted to do for each other.  My birthday comes first and this past weekend, my sister gave me my sisterhood ring.  It’s so beautiful and so special to me.  The bond between sisters is so strong and I love having something tangible to remind me of my sister and how much she means to me.

Isn’t is so pretty?

Here is the story behind the ring:  This twisted dome ring is named in honor of one of our dear customers who unfortunately lost her battle with a terminal illness. She began the tradition of giving this ring, which represents two parallel lives, to those women in her life that shared a special bond of friendship, hence the name, “The Sisterhood Ring”. Her friends have continued the tradition of gifting this ring to others, as a tribute to this remarkable woman. They share the good times, the bad times, and all the memories made along the way. Their support for each other is unwavering. If you have a special friend that inspires and encourages you, this may just be the perfect ring to symbolize your “Sisterhood” solidarity.

Thank you Jillie!  I love you and I’m so glad you’re my sister!

Testing Out My Green Thumb

Testing Out My Green Thumb

Matt built us some really awesome cedar planter boxes for our back patio.  We’ve been talking about growing a few herbs and veggies and have also wanted to add some color to the back yard.

This box has cucumbers, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, okra, & green beans.

This box has rosemary, thyme, oregano, parsley, basil, jalapenos, & bell peppers.

This is our lavender

I don’t have anything in the square boxes yet…I’m either going to put an orange & lemon tree in each of them or something bright & colorful…not sure yet.

Love my planter boxes & my super handy hubby!