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Our Family…of THREE!

Our Family…of THREE!

That’s right…our family is growing!  This December, Matt and I will welcome a tiny bundle of joy into our family.  We could not be more excited and more humbled that God is entrusting us to raise one of his perfect creations.

So here’s the story.  We found out I was pregnant on my birthday!  It was seriously the best birthday ever!  We spent the day together window shopping and wandering through some of our favorite stores around town.  We enjoyed a tasty lunch at Chuy’s and a fabulous dinner with our good friends at Lupe Tortilla’s.   The whole day we were out shopping…I just felt really strange…definitely not like myself.  I was super dizzy and nauseous a good chunk of the day and I figured I was just getting sick.  No big deal…I just kept telling myself to make it through dinner and I can go home and go straight to bed.  The more I told Matt how I felt though…he kept saying, “I think you’re pregnant, I think you’re pregnant”…to which I responded, “No way…you’re crazy.”  Even though I said that to him…I started thinking in the back of my mind…”Maybe I am?”  We got home from dinner and I decided I’d take a pregnancy test, pretty much to prove him wrong.  Instead, I was the one proven wrong!  I walked out of the bathroom, ran into him in the bedroom, and just stuck the test out at him.  His response…”Seriously?”  Yes, seriously!  It was surreal.  I kept staring at it to make sure I was actually seeing 2 lines.  And…I might have taken several more tests to make sure it was real… We were so excited!  I felt like I was going to explode if I didn’t get to tell someone, so I called my mom.  It was late and I know she wasn’t expecting me to call, so I think she had a sneaking suspicion that I was calling with some news.  She and my dad were super excited and my dad even started crying!

I got about one week to just enjoy the thought of being pregnant before the sickness started.  It hasn’t been HORRIBLE, but it certainly hasn’t been the most pleasant several weeks.  It has pretty much been all day nausea and thankfully only throwing up in the mornings.  I’ve been super tired…I feel like a walking zombie all day at school and I know I’ve been less than patient with my kids at school.  Finding food to eat that actually sounds good has most definitely been a chore.  Thankfully though, I’m very slowly beginning to regain some of my energy and I feel like the nausea is getting better.  I’m super thankful that we only have a few more days of school left and then I can spend the summer relaxing and taking it easy.

Matt has been absolutely fabulous these last couple of months.  Cooking has been at the bottom of my list and he’s pretty much taken over that responsibility.  He’s been so patient when we have something planned for dinner and the thought of eating it makes me sick and then takes me to eat whatever it is that sounds good at the time.  He’s been extremely understanding when it comes to the piles of laundry all over the place.  When I have to decide between napping and doing laundry in the afternoons after school, laundry is always at the bottom of my list lately!

This is usually what Matt finds when he comes home from work and then again not long after we finish dinner…

We’ve told our friends and family and we’ve seen our sweet little baby on the ultrasound twice now.  Last time we went, a few weeks ago, our sweet little one had a good strong heartbeat and cute little arms and legs.  He/she was moving all over on the screen and it was just so cool to see.  We go back again next week and we can’t wait!  We’ve decided not to find out what we’re having and we are super excited about our little Christmas surprise.  With each week that passes and with every pair of pants and shirt that I put on and just doesn’t quite fit anymore, its becoming more and more real…this is really happening!  I’m going to be a mom!

my Nana’s reaction!

We just pray that our little one will continue growing and developing and that he/she will know how much we already love them.  We just feel so humbled and excited about this sweet little blessings.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

How Does Your Garden Grow?

A few months ago, Matt built us some planter boxes for the back patio and we planted some herbs and veggies.  It seems like its been a slow process, but we’re finally starting to see some “fruits” of our labor!

little jalapeno

little cucumber


We also have some okra that has started budding and even a few zucchini.  I can’t wait to see how it all does!

Astros Diamond Club

Astros Diamond Club

Several weeks ago, Matt and I were invited to the Astros game with Jeff and Alison.  These were no ordinary seats, we had tickets to sit in the Diamond Club…the area directly behind home plate where George H.W. Bush sits!  The seats came with a sweet parking pass and free food.  The restaurant was buffet style and the food was pretty tasty.  Fried chicken, ribs, brisket, baked potatoes, baked beans, cheese corn, rolls, veggies, full salad bar, dessert bar, and then regular baseball food – hot dogs, nachos, pretzels, & popcorn.  It was fabulous…we had to pace ourselves so we could enjoy all there was to offer!  We even got to see George and Barbara Bush and their secret service agents come into the game…they walked RIGHT in front of us!  So cool!  And…to top off an already great night, we got to see a WIN!

after the game!

the whole gang…thanks for tickets Jeff!  We had a blast!

Meeting the Pioneer Woman!

Meeting the Pioneer Woman!

I’m a huge fan of the Pioneer Woman!  I have her cookbook and we LOVE her food.  I have her book “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels” and while I haven’t finished it yet, I love the story of how she met her husband and their story of falling in love.  Her blog is great.  It’s real, she’s normal, and she writes about everyday life with her family on their ranch in Oklahoma.

Matt found out last week that she was coming to the Blue Willow Book Shop here in Houston last Friday to do a book signing on her latest book, “Charlie – The Ranch Dog”, an illustrated children’s book about their Bassett Hound named Charlie.  I got super excited about the book signing, I ordered the Charlie book, and we made plans to go Friday night.  We got there at 5, and pulled in just as she was getting out of her limo and was walking in to the store!  We waited about 2 hours to get to the front of the line and it was SO worth it!  She’s  super nice and spends time talking to and taking pictures with each person that meets her.

she’s gorgeous!

After we finished at the book signing, we went to Maggiano’s where we had dinner reservations for our anniversary.  We were about a week late, but better late than never!  We enjoyed crab cakes, salads & bread, and DELICIOUS pasta dishes.  I seriously love that place…and the guy I shared dinner with…he’s pretty awesome too!

Bailey vs. the Opossum

Bailey vs. the Opossum

Last week, our dog had a run in with a opossum (better that than a skunk, huh?).  One night, around 11:30, Matt let her out the back door and after being outside a short time, she started barking fiercely.  This is not uncommon as she’s barks at pretty much anything that blows into the yard, so Matt went outside with a flashlight to see what it was.  As soon as the flashlight hit the opossum, Bailey looked back at Matt and lunged forward, grabbed it her mouth and tossed it a short distance.  He finally got the dog back in the house and kept checking through the window to see if the opossum was dead or just playing dead.  Eventually, it made its way out of the yard and we figured we were in the clear.  What kind of dumb creature would come back into our yard after being tossed around by the dog?

Fast forward a few nights…

After pretty much standing guard at the back door (it has a full glass window) every night since the attack, she scratched to go outside, so Matt let her out.  The opossum was back, but this time, he was right at the back door.  She grabbed him, shook him around, and gave him a good toss.  Once we got her back in, we kept watching to see if it would leave again.  A couple hours later it was still there when we went to bed…and still there the next morning when I let the dog back outside.  Now it was time to dispose of it…not exactly what Matt had planned on doing at 6:30 AM that morning.

We figured it probably crawled into our yard from our neighbor’s back yard…they keep their trash cans in the back yard (gross, I know) and I’m guessing he was trying to get in the trash can.  Oh well…the opossum is no more thanks to our ferocious puppy dog…haha.  Now, if only the dog would let her guard down a little and go back to normal, it would be great.  She still stands at the back door from dusk until bed time protecting her yard.

pretty gross looking, huh?

Way Behind…

Way Behind…

It’s been a super busy few weeks and I’m way behind on blogging.

Back in April, Matt and I and our group of friends took a quick little weekend get away out to the ranch in Harper.  We loaded after Friday afternoon/evening and after a quick dinner stop, we were on the road.  We made several stops along the way and made it to the ranch around midnight.  It was a long evening of driving…I’m glad I was in the passenger seat asleep for most of it…haha!

We didn’t do much Friday night when we got there…unloaded the cars, put away the food, and pretty much went straight to bed.  Saturday morning we got up, made a big breakfast for everybody, and then took everybody out on the 4wheelers and the Ranger to show the gang the ranch.  We rode for about 2 hours looking around at everything and saw a bunch of animals.

That afternoon, the guys went down to shoot skeet.  Becky and I joined them for skeet shooting (but just watched) and the other girls hung out at the house in the rocking chairs on the porch.  After lunch, the guys went to the shooting pit to shoot more stuff and the girls and I hung out at the house to clean up the food.  It was a lovely afternoon of relaxation and girl talk ;).

That night we had a great supper of burgers and chicken and potatoes and hung out talking until we were falling asleep.  Sunday morning we made breakfast, cleaned up the house, and stopped for lunch in Fredericksburg before heading back to Houston.

We had a great weekend and we’re so thankful for such great friends!