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Massive Landscaping Project

Massive Landscaping Project

Matt and I have been talking about landscaping our backyard since we bought our house 3 years ago.  When we moved in, it was a completely blank slate…nothing but grass, which was barely alive.  We had major weed problems and according to the neighbors, the original owners planted 2 magnolia trees in the back and managed to kill them…seriously?  Needless to say…the backyard needed help…lots of it.  For about the first year we were in the house, I spent about an hour outside every afternoon pulling weeds and trying to get some good, strong grass to grow back there.  It felt like that job would never end, but I’m proud to say that our backyard is mostly weed free now!

The first spring we lived here, we bought some crepe myrtles and oak trees and planted them in the backyard and it was a huge improvement.  But…it was still very blank and boring.  We needed some color and some designated spaces.  We knew that digging out the grass and putting in flower beds was going to be a lot of work and pretty expensive, so for our anniversary this year, we bought each other a revamped backyard!  We marked out the shape of the beds, ordered the dirt and mulch, and enlisted the help of some strong arms & backs for the day!  It was hot and humid and it was A LOT of work, but we finished the dirt work in one day and we were thrilled with the outcome!

We had a total of 5 beds that we marked out…around each oak tree, the 2 back corners of the yard, and around the crepe myrtles.

Bailey ran through the still wet, bright orange paint…

grass is gone, ready for dirt…the guys did a great job!

the dirt & mulch…I wasn’t sure we’d ever get the cars back in the driveway!

Once the dirt and mulch were finished, it was time to get plants.  We knew we wanted to put some fruit trees in the corner beds, but other than that, we weren’t sure what we wanted.  We also knew that because we don’t get much shade in our backyard and because of the extreme drought we’re having, the plants we chose needed to take full sun and not require massive amounts of water.  We ended up getting a lemon tree and an orange tree, one for each of the corner beds and then to add accent and color to those beds, we put canna lillies, dwarf bottle brush, and celosia.  It turned out to be perfect!  We’re so happy with the way it all looks together and we can’t wait to see everything when the bottle brush begins to bloom!

it has added so much color and personality to our back yard!

We still have to find something to put around our two oak trees and under the crepe myrtles, but I’m kinda thinking I might wait until fall when it starts to cool off a little bit.  With no rain in sight and the heat, I’m not so sure planting anything new is a good idea.