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Productive Saturday :)

Productive Saturday :)

It has been a very productive Saturday!

We have had a canvas painting sitting around the house trying to figure out where to hang it and we finally decided we wanted to put it in the art niche in our stairway.  Only problem was, the painting was just a tad too small for the area we wanted it in and it needed a frame to make it stand out against the walls.  Because giant picture frames tend to be a little pricey, I picked out some molding at Home Depot and Matt built the frame for me and then we painted it.  The building of the frame was done last weekend and then we painted it over the last few nights.  This morning it was all dry and ready to be hung!

isn’t it lovely?

Because this space we wanted the picture in was along the wall of the stairway, it was going to require some fancy ladder or scaffolding or something.  We weren’t interested in renting any such contraption, so a little ingenuity and some leftover lumber and Matt had a “ladder stool”.  Yes, he put the ladder on that lovely contraption!  Thankfully there were no trips to the ER this morning!

my handyman at work!

finally…something to fill that space!

Now…on to the next project of the day! We’ve had an old table sitting in our garage for years and its always just been a place to pile junk.  Matt decided to put new, more sturdy legs on it and add some wheels and make it a portable work bench!

Workbench in progress…soon, no more working on the floor!

all finished!  Not too shabby for an old tabletop and some scrap lumber!

Amazing Feelings

Amazing Feelings

About 2 weeks ago I was laying on the couch and I felt something really strange right below my belly button…kinda like something had popped. I wasn’t sure what it was and I didn’t really think about it anymore until several days later I felt something again and this time it felt like popcorn popping. After I felt it a few times within several minutes I told Matt I thought I had felt the baby move. That is most definitely what I have been feeling and it is the most amazing feeling I think I’ve ever felt! It seems like baby is most active after dinner, so the other night as we were laying on the couch, Matt sat there with his hand on my stomach and was able to feel it a few times too! As the days pass, it feels like the movements are getting stronger and way more frequent. I absolutely love it!

Furniture for Our Baby!

Furniture for Our Baby!

We’ve finally begun making some decisions for our sweet baby’s bedroom!  It’s so exciting to think that we’re finalizing our plans and I’m so ready to actually start working on things!  I’m going this week to get paint samples…hopefully the colors I found in the Pottery Barn catalog don’t disappoint.  We’ve also picked out the furniture and I couldn’t be more happy with our decision.  We looked at countless cribs and chests and finally decided on a collection from Baby’s 1st Furniture in Sugar Land.  The shipping and delivery times for orders from Baby’s 1st are ridiculously long, so my mom ordered the crib for us from Kid’s Village in Abilene and then bought the floor sample of the chest for a way discounted price and brought it to us last weekend!  It’s in perfect condition and we’re so excited!  Matt is also going to start stripping the chest that was mine growing up, so we can repaint it and put new knobs on the drawers.

here’s the crib!  can’t wait for it to arrive!

and here’s the chest that my parents brought down last weekend!  Can’t believe it was the floor sample…

I promise both pieces are the same color…they are darker than the chest looks, but not quite as dark as the picture of the bed…cameras do such weird things sometimes…haha!

New Stuff Around the House

New Stuff Around the House

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been making some changes around the house.  Some of this stuff…okay alot of this stuff I’ve had sitting around the house for months just waiting to be hung on the walls.

new curtains, rods, & rings in the kitchen!  Love the new look!

our new couch arrived last week and we couldn’t be more thrilled with our purchase!  the old couch has been delegated to the game room upstairs.

my mom gave me this old window frame for Christmas and we finally decided where to hang it.

my mom also gave me these plates for Christmas and we got them hung in the entryway…love the pops of color!

We’ve still got more we’re planning to work on in the next few weeks.  Matt is building a frame for a canvas painting to go in the art niche in our stairway, he’s building a bookshelf for our office, and we’re also going to start moving furniture out of the baby’s room to make room for his/her’s growing collection of things.  I’m also looking for curtains for the office, game room, and guest room.  Lots of exciting things happening around here!


and so it begins…

and so it begins…

I guess the posts about the baby were bound to begin at some point, right?!  We’ve saw our little peanut about 7 weeks ago on an ultrasound and will get to see him/her again at the 20 week ultrasound in 3 weeks.  Our baby’s heartbeat is the sweetest sound I’ve ever  heard and I might tear up replaying that sound in mind.  Now that I’m about 4 weeks into the 2nd trimester, I’m feeling alot better and have tons more energy than I did in the first few months.  I think my only complaints right now would be the constant hunger (I’m like a bottomless pit!) and the backaches.  Other than that, I really feel pretty good.  I’m not sleeping very well at night, but I think I’m even adjusting to that.  I’ve started doing prenatal yoga which is awesome and walking at night with Matt and the dog once it has cooled off outside and it really feels nice to have the energy to be slightly active again.

We are taking the obligatory weekly pictures of my growing tummy, but I’m (obviously) not posting them every week. I think I’m still a little self-conscious about it because I think I just look like I need exercise and I’m not convinced that I actually look pregnant yet.  I’m running out of clothes to wear…haha.  I’m in that awkward in between stage where most maternity clothes are still too big, but my clothes are getting pretty tight.  Getting dressed sucks these days!

this was taken at the end of the 1st trimester.  If you know I’m pregnant, then its obvious, but if you don’t…I think I just look like I need to eat less!

We’ve started making plans for the baby’s room which has been lots of fun!  We found the baby bed (it’s been ordered) and my parents brought the chest down for us last weekend and we’re also going to refinish the chest that was mine and Jillie’s when we were little.  I think its all going to look really good.  My mom found the fabric (it’s khaki linen) to have the bedding made out of, so now I’ve got my eyes peeled for accent fabric for the bedding, curtains and decorative little pillows.  We’re also keeping our eyes open for a chair for the baby’s room.  I don’t want a normal looking nursery glider, I would really prefer something like an overstuffed chair (like something you’d find in your living room) that rocks or glides.  In a perfect world, I would be able to have it recovered and put it in the game room once we’re done rocking babies in it.  The only problem we’re finding is that chairs are OUTRAGEOUS!  So my task includes finding the chair, but at an affordable price!

Here’s the layout of the baby’s room…Matt is so skilled!

Speaking of stuff for baby, I knew the onslaught of baby gear was bound to start at some point, but we are well on our way to a nice collection of hand me downs from my family…and I’m sure there’s more to come!

We’ve gotten a few little pieces of clothing, mostly just onesies for those first few weeks, hats, socks, and even a few pair of shoes in case we have a baby boy.  We’ve also gotten some baby gear; changing pads, waterproof pads for the carseat, toys, and even an awesome jogging stroller that’s never been used.  My mom bought baby some books from the book fair at her school and my grandmother and aunts gave me some soft little “lovies” for baby to love on.  We’ve also received a swing, exersaucer, jumper seat, bumbo chair, and an activity mat for the floor.

my cousin gave us this swing that her brother’s twins used and then her little boy used and it looks brand new and works great!

little clothes and hats that were Ben & Jack’s!

In addition to great things for baby, I’ve also been quite fortunate to get tons of hand me down maternity clothes!  I know those will come in handy soon.

I’m so thankful for a family who already loves our little baby so much and is as excited as we are about this new little life!