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Hello 3rd Trimester!

Hello 3rd Trimester!

As of Tuesday, I officially entered the 3rd trimester!  Where did the time go?  It feels like just yesterday we were staring at that pregnancy test in total shock and disbelief.  I am still feeling really good.  Once the morning sickness passed at the beginning of the 2nd trimester, I have really felt very normal.  I’m slightly hungrier than usual and feel a touch more tired (especially since school started), but other than that, I have no major complaints.  Getting dressed everyday is more of a challenge, but it’s all for a good reason!

Now that we are going to the doctor to check on baby every 2 weeks, it really feels like the end is in sight.  This has definitely spurred us on in completing our projects around the house.  We are starting to look for decorations for the baby’s room and are working on finishing up a couple of pieces of furniture for the game room upstairs.  Unfortunately, our to-do list seems to be ever-growing and not much is being crossed off…oh well…such is the life.  Every couple of days I go sit in the baby’s room to envision everything finished and get ideas for what to put on the walls.  The room feels so perfect to me, I feel like I could stay in there forever.

the dog has been a little unsure of all of the changes taking place upstairs…if only she knew that the real changes were yet to come!

Last weekend, we spent most of the day on Saturday running errands.  One of our stops took us to Home Goods and as has become habit, we took a quick look around the baby/kids department and came upon our first find for the baby’s room.  We were so excited to get this little cutie home!

This adorable little pig looks great in the room and matches everything perfectly!

We also found knobs for the baby’s chest!

We’ve had so much fun working in the bedroom to create a perfect space for little baby and we’re having a really good time planning out and looking for the perfect things for the walls.

Only 11 more weeks until we see our sweet baby’s face!

Pictures of the Baby’s Room!

Pictures of the Baby’s Room!

Well…the baby’s room is finished!  We finally got all the painting finished today and will be moving furniture (that we have) into the room tomorrow.  Matt did such a great job with the beadboard and chair rail…it’s exactly what I had pictured in my mind and I’m certain that it is absolutely perfect for our sweet baby.

proof that I actually did help in the room!

looks like I hired a professional to complete this massive project!

all finished!

Tomorrow, our plan is to do some minor touch-ups around the windows and the railing, put outlet covers back on, vacuum really well, and then move in a little bit of furniture.  The only 2 pieces of furniture that we don’t have are the bed and the chair, so we’re slowly making progress!  Now I start looking for decorations…so excited!