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Baby’s Room

Baby’s Room

Baby M’s room is finally finished.  It turned out more perfect than I had even imagined and I’m just giddy with excitement to think of all the fun memories that are soon to be made in this space!

baby’s room pre-conversion

We have 2 extra bedrooms upstairs, along with a game room and bathroom, so making room for baby has been a breeze.  One of the upstairs bedrooms is just slightly larger than the other and has a much better closet, so naturally, that’s the room that has been designated for baby M.  I have known all along that I did not want a theme oriented room, but instead something clean and simple that could easily grow with baby.  We also knew that we weren’t planning on finding out the gender of the baby, so we started throwing around ideas for a very simple, gender neutral bedroom.  I’ve always loved the look of beadboard and after talking to my parents (who installed it in their house) and finding out it was relatively simple, we decided to go with a bluish gray color on the walls and white beadboard along the bottom third of the walls.  Matt removed baseboards, hung beadboard, and reinstalled the baseboards like a pro!  He’s just downright handy to have around!

Once the walls were finished, the room sat empty for several weeks while we waited on furniture to arrive and then slowly, but surely baby’s new space started to take shape.  We’ve moved the furniture around a few times trying to figure out the perfect placement for everything and I think we’ve finally found it.  I’m so happy with how everything has turned out.  It’s exactly what I had been picturing in my mind and really seems like the perfect space for our newest little family member.

Decorating the walls on the other hand has been quite the ordeal.  It has taken MONTHS to figure out what we wanted to put on the walls and after tossing around a bunch of ideas, we finally decided to continue our theme of clean and simple and have framed both a vintage nursery rhyme print as well as three adorable animal prints in big white frames.  They added the perfect touch of sweetness to the room!  My mom found the nursery rhyme book at an antique store in Abilene and I ordered the animal prints from Zulily…my new favorite website!  We’re also hoping to get a cute little piece of wall art from my sister (hint, hint Aunt Gigi!!!) to hang on one of the other walls above the baby’s bed.  Here are pictures of the finished product!

Baby M, your room is completely finished now!  We hope you love it and feel as peaceful in it as we do.  Your daddy and I are so excited to meet you, anytime you are ready to make your appearance, we’re ready and waiting for you!  We love you sweet baby!

Christmas Creep

Christmas Creep

I am quite troubled by the popularity of a phenomenon I’ve dubbed the “Christmas Creep”.  Why do so many people and retail establishments find it necessary to move directly from Halloween to Christmas?  Have they forgotten about Thanksgiving?  In my opinion, there is NO acceptable excuse for your house to be decorated prior to Thanksgiving and stores should not decorate or start playing Christmas music until Thanksgiving.  Trust me, I love Christmas just as much as the next gal, but seriously folks…if you feel the need to have decorations around your house, you should try turkeys, gourds, pumpkins, cornucopias, etc…  The Santa, snowmen, reindeer, and Christmas trees can make their debut the day after.

Speaking of Christmas Creep…I’m also quite troubled by all of these stores opening Thanksgiving night.  Not only is it ridiculous that people feel the need to be out shopping, but I think it’s really sad for the employees at these stores.  One full day is not going to kill anyone…after all…isn’t it called “Black FRIDAY”?

december fat boy

JUST WAIT UNTIL FRIDAY…it won’t kill you!

Not Complaining…Just Stating Facts

Not Complaining…Just Stating Facts

The last few weeks in Bible class we’ve been talking about complaining and what it means to be content.  We were even challenged to count how many times a day we complain about something.  Talk about a wake up call!

As I have reached the last 2-3 weeks of pregnancy, I realize there’s a few things I’m going to miss, but mostly a bunch of stuff I won’t.  Being pregnant has been great, it really has.  I’ve had very few complaints and its been really fun to see the changes my body has gone through.  Since I first felt the baby move the weekend of July 4th, it has been the most amazing feeling.  Because baby M is so much bigger now, sometimes those sweet little kicks, turns, and punches are more painful than anything, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  It gives me great reassurance to know that he or she is still ok in there!

There are however a few things that I won’t miss.

  • I can’t wait to be able to sleep without my hands going numb all throughout the night.
  • I can’t wait to be able to turn over in bed without feeling like a beached whale.
  • I can’t wait to be able to get up and down off of the floor without having to have help.
  • I’m ready for my back to not hurt.
  • I’m VERY ready to have more clothes to wear than just yoga pants & like 4 shirts.
  • I’m also beyond ready to go out in public without having people stare at me like I’m some kind of freak show.


People amaze me sometimes with what they’re willing to say to others, especially to a pregnant woman.

  • “Oh wow, you’re huge!”  Why does anyone think its a good idea to tell a pregnant woman how big she looks?  Seriously?  I know that I’m big – there’s a BABY inside of me.  What do you expect me to look like?
  • “3 more weeks?  Are you going to make it?”  Thanks alot…I thought I looked pretty ok for being 9 months pregnant, but apparently not.
  • “How are you feeling?”  I feel fine.  I guess people don’t seem to understand that it is actually possible to be pregnant and feel very normal.  It’s not as easy to move anymore, but isn’t that to be expected?
  • And even though this isn’t verbal…why do others feel like its ok to touch me?  I can touch my stomach and Matt can touch my stomach, but anyone else, please keep your hands to yourself.  Just because there is a baby inside of me doesn’t mean that that gives you a green light to touch my stomach.  I just can’t take it.  I don’t touch your stomach…please don’t touch mine.
Like I said…not complaining…just stating facts.  I am so ready to hold this sweet baby and give him/her a name, but even though I’m uncomfortable, I know that each day he/she stays inside of me means that he/she will be stronger at birth, so I’ll wait…impatiently =).

First Family Thanksgiving Feast

First Family Thanksgiving Feast

Saturday evening our first family got together to celebrate Thanksgiving a little early.  We had a traditional Thanksgiving meal where everyone brought their favorite dish to share.  We’ve done this a couple of times before and everything always turns out to be downright tasty and lots of fun, but this year might just take the cake!  Matt and I decided that our contribution would be the turkey(s) and we decided to treat everyone to the delicacy that is fried turkey.  My family has been frying turkeys for Thanksgiving for several years now and we pretty much won’t eat it any other way.  We were so excited to do this now for all of our friends!

We headed over to Landon and Aja’s house early that afternoon to get everything set up and start heating the oil and in the mean time, hung out, watched football, cooked other food, and played with sweet little Aedan.  All in all, it was a great “First Family Thanksgiving Day” !

We were missing a few people from our group for the feast, but we literally ate at one LONG table, family style and had an absolute blast!  Everything turned out to be super tasty and we are truly so thankful to have such a great “small” group to be a part of.  We have a blast everytime we get together and some of these people have really grown to become our very best friends.

Becky and me…probably up to no good!

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

So it’s official…I think I’ve hit that point in pregnancy where I feel absolutely enormous.  I’m generally uncomfortable at all times.  Sitting isn’t super comfortable, standing isn’t great, and laying down is bad too because I can’t easily switch from one side to the other.  Some nights, I sleep like a rock and other nights, I barely sleep a wink.  I’m very thankful for those restful nights as I wake up feeling like a brand new person and the nights that I don’t sleep, well…let’s just say they make for very long days of teaching.

Matt has been great through all of this.  I was pretty much worthless during the 1st trimester because of sheer exhaustion and “morning” sickness.  The 2nd trimester was much better, which thankfully coincided with a very busy summer, and now the 3rd trimester has been pretty easy too.  I have complaints of aches and pains every now and then, but overall, I feel very normal, just HUGE.  The last week or two I’ve been alot more tired than I had been before and I seem to lose my breath alot easier, but generally speaking I feel great.  It’s been really difficult the last couple of weeks to come home and cook because for some reason these days, cooking does not appeal to me at all.  I want dinner to be something super simple and fast.  The other issue with dinner is that I seem to have a lot of indigestion in the late afternoons and evenings and the thought of eating doesn’t really appeal to me.  Unfortunately, when I’m not hungry…I don’t want to cook.

I’ve tried this whole pregnancy to really keep my emotions in check and not just be crazy all the time and I’d say I’ve done fairly well.  I haven’t been a teary mess for 9 months and I really haven’t had too many Jekyll & Hyde moments either, but the other night I completely lost it in a hormonal cry fest.  I was stressing out about everything, literally everything.  Things that matter (like packing hospital bags or tying up lose ends at school), and things that don’t (like will we decorate  the house Christmas and how we’ll get a Christmas tree if the baby comes early).  Breaking down and getting everything off of my chest felt really good, but poor Matt…he’ll be so glad when I’m back to my normal self!

It’s a good thing baby M is only a few weeks from making his or her debut…I’m ready to have clothes that fit again, I’m ready to be able to get into a comfortable sitting or sleeping position, and I’m ready to feel like I have control over my emotions again.

More than anything though…I’m ready to meet this sweet little “chunk” that does acrobatics 24/7 and see the person that God has created to bless our family!

Halloween – First Family Style

Halloween – First Family Style

We got together with our small group the night before Halloween to have dinner and an “Iron Pumpkin Challenge” to see which couple could carve the best pumpkin.

Brittnie & Brandon hosted and as always, everything was great!

the guys digging in…not so shockingly, this “couples” event turned into “guys do all the dirty work, girls stand around & chat”

David, Cynthia, & Jack…definitely had the biggest pumpkin

Ben with that mischievous grin…probably up to no good!

Matt’s Snoopy pumpkin – great job!

the finished products!  The guys did such a great job!

We had a blast hanging out with everybody and carving pumpkins!  Hopefully this will become an annual event!

Houston Baby Shower

Houston Baby Shower

A couple of weeks ago, Matt’s mom and sister threw us a baby shower for more family and friends here in Houston.  It was a great evening with lots of laughter, games, and delicious food!

super cute cookies

the baby Moses basket for baby to sleep in in our bedroom

super excited about my new diaper bag!

Matt’s mom, Grandma, sister, and me after the shower

The shower was great, baby M got lots more goodies, and Matt and I had a great evening!  We have been completely blown away by the amount of love and support from our family and friends as we prepare for baby M to make his/her debut.