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Our Life in Pictures

Our Life in Pictures

I’m so behind on blogging that it’s not even funny.  I never wrote Parker’s 4 month post and now that I’ve found time to sit down and blog, he’ll be 5 months old next week and the 4th month is a distant memory.

talking…this boy loves to talk & most recently has become a screamer…it’s downright funny to listen to

the Easter Bunny came to see Parker!

Parker with most of his cousins on Easter…I think we were missing 7 “kids”

Our first Easter as a family of 3!

Playing on the floor at Nana’s on Easter

watching his cousins hunt for eggs

this pretty much sums our little guy…he is always so happy!  We love you so  much Parker-man!

Aunt Gigi

Aunt Gigi

Asking my sister to keep Parker for us has been one of the best decisions ever!  If Matt and I can’t be at home with him, I can’t think of a better person to keep him for us.  She’s just wonderful with him and his face absolutely lights up every time he sees her.  I feel bad that she has to be up and at our house so early in the mornings, but she has a couple of hours once she gets there that she can relax and enjoy some coffee since Parker sleeps until 8 or 9 most mornings.  He’s a pretty easy going little guy and she usually gets a couple of good naps out of him before I come home.  We are so thankful that he gets to stay home, play with his toys, sleep in his bed, and be hugged and kissed all day instead of stuck in a day care full of babies and germs.

Not only is she loving on my sweet baby when I can’t, she also cleans the house for us!  I feel bad that she’s cleaning up after us, but I must admit, I love coming home to a clean house.  She vacuums, cleans the kitchen, washes bottles, does our laundry, makes our bed, & cleans the bathrooms…it’s just fabulous!  I try to pick up every night before we go to bed so she doesn’t have to work all day long, but it seems like she just finds stuff to do.  I used to be a control freak about how my laundry was done or the way my house was cleaned, but now that I’m not the only one doing it, it’s not that big of a deal.  At this point, it just needs to get done…who cares how or who it is!

We love having Jillie so close to us.  I feel like she and I have grown so much closer just in the last year and its so much fun!  We hang out all the time now and I’m having a blast!