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New Year – New Goals

New Year – New Goals

I don’t like the word resolution for some reason.  It sounds really official and I feel like if I don’t keep a resolution that I’ve failed at something major.  Instead, I like to set goals for the New Year.

I have several goals that I’m going to work on throughout the year.  Some of them are pretty common/normal and others are a little more selfish or personal.

So here goes, my goals for 2013:

  1. Personal Health & Fitness – I know this is the typical New Year resolution, but mine really isn’t about weight loss.  I’m fine with the number on the scale.  I lost all the baby weight from having Parker, but I know there are things I can do to be more healthy and more physically fit.  I would love to be that person that spends an hour at the gym every day or is jogging through the neighborhood, but that simply doesn’t fit into my life and our schedule right now.  My goal is to find a DVD workout or something similar that I can do at home, in the living room, in a realistic amount of time (ie – 30 min or less).  I also want to prepare/order/eat more healthy meals.  Again, time (or lack thereof) plays into this, but since my motto is “everything in moderation” I want to just make healthier choices, but still eat a few french fries or hamburgers or cookies if that’s what sounds good.
  2. Cooking More – This goes along with my first goal.  We had a really stressful start to the school year and that seemed to lead us to bad habits when it came to evening meals.  My goal for this year is to cook more often, but spend less time and money doing so.  I want to try to cook just a few times each week and eat on those larger dishes throughout the week.  Not only will this help save money (hopefully!), but it will also save dramatic amounts of time in both the prep and cleaning up of said meals.
  3. Projects around the House – We have a list of projects we would like to finish around the house this year and our goal is to do one project each month.  That will help us budget for them and also not feel so overwhelmed by the list of things we want to do, but at the same time allow us to “finish” our house (if that’s even possible).
  4. Be Better about Church Attendance – November and December were really hard months in our house.  All 3 of us were sick & exhausted for the better part of both months.  Obviously being sick is an acceptable excuse for not being at church, but we get in the habit of choosing to sleep in when we’ve had a long week or a busy weekend and I want to break that habit.  Having a baby makes it harder, especially when you’re up because of teeth or bad dreams in the middle of the night, but my goal is to be there more often and stop making excuses.
  5. Pay more attention to Fashion & Style – This is my obviously selfish goal.  No, my goal is not become so concerned with what’s going on in Hollywood, but I refuse to become a frumpy mom.  I tend to take whatever money I have to spend on clothes or stuff for myself and just buy something for Parker.  There’s nothing wrong with that and I’m sure millions of other moms out there do the same thing, but I want to go back to keeping my hair in good shape and the gray covered up.  I want to keep current, stylish clothes in my closet.  I’m not a huge fan of being “trendy” because I don’t have the money to buy a whole new wardrobe every 6 months when things change, but I want to make sure I have good, high quality, basic styles in my closet.  This is even more true since InStyle posted on Twitter yesterday the “10 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet” and I only have like 1 of them!  I like to have options and choices and even though most people don’t notice or care if I wear the same thing to church 2 weeks in a row – I don’t like to.  Like I said, I know this is selfish.  I know there are bigger issues going on in the world, but it is what it is.  It’s not an effort to ensure that I’m “keeping up with the Jones’s”, but an effort to feel better about myself.

So there we go.  My plan for 2013 – let’s see how I do :).

13 Months Old

13 Months Old

Parker celebrated his 13 month birthday right after Christmas and it’s just so hard to believe.  He is so much fun right now and I feel like he is a giant sponge soaking up everything around him every day.  It seems like he learns or does something new almost daily – sometimes multiple times a day!  This has been so fun to watch and we are loving this age right now.

The sun came out for a while on Sunday and it warmed up a little bit, so we slapped that sticker on his shirt and went to play at the park for a while!  – and got some super cute pictures too!

You LOVE to be outside and apparently – you like to slide!

You are really into exploring these days – inside or outside.  You always pick things up, examine them closely, proclaim your excitement of your new discovery, and then bring it to us to see – just plain adorable :).

You are constantly on the move!  You rarely stop – eating & sleeping are about the only things that will slow you down.

Just so I can remember a few things about you at this age:

  • You are a CHUNK!  Last week the doctor said you weighed 26 lbs!
  • You are still going to school everyday – and almost always have a smile on your face when I pick you up in the afternoons.  We are so thankful for such sweet teachers.
  • You are a GREAT eater.  You love to eat: ham, turkey, chicken, hamburger meat, pasta, fruit (of all kinds), waffles, bagels, peas, carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, rice, refried beans, tortillas, bread, cereal bars, animal crackers, goldfish, wheat thins, almond/coconut milk yogurt, cheerios, and ice cream.  Obviously several of those are not things you eat frequently, but you enjoy them as a treat.  You happily drink water throughout the day, but you also like to drink apple juice and tea – usually mixed with some water.
  • Your milk allergy seems to be improving slowly.  You seem to be able to eat foods that have milk or butter in them, but still can’t tolerate milk to drink.  We’ve tried goat’s milk – but it also seems to upset your stomach.  It looks like we’ll stick with formula a while longer and try getting you to drink some almond milk too.
  • You are only drinking 1 bottle a day now – at bedtime and rarely you will have one in the middle of the night if you wake up and need help settling back to sleep.
  • Pretty much sleep through the night – unless something hurts.  We’ve had a rough month or so with ear infections and cutting those darn molars, but I know this too shall pass ;).
  • You are talking up a storm!  Words we recognize – Mama, Dada, baa (ball), no, buh (book), woof-woof, quack (without the q & k sounds at the beginning & end), muh (more), you will nod your head yes when we ask you if you want something and you also sign “all done”.
  • You are very good at pointing to tell us what you want and when you’re hungry you walk to the pantry door or refrigerator and bang on the door until we open it to give you something to eat.
  • You love to “wrestle” with us, play peek-a-book, read books, play with balls & cars, be outside, and you still love to take a bath and brush your teeth before bed
  • You give the sweetest hugs and sloppy kisses :)
  • Your smile is infectious and your laugh is music to my ears

Parker, we love you so much and we are so thankful for the joy you bring into our home.

New Years Eve – 2012

New Years Eve – 2012

This year we headed over to Wade and Wendi’s house for a little NYE get together with some good friends.  We had tons of delicious snack foods, played games, and watched the ball drop at midnight with our champagne and/or sparkling grape juice.

Parker enjoyed his own NYE supper at the Holmes’ house

I promise our evening was more eventful than this picture would lead you to believe ;)

Ben & Becky – so cute!

Thanks again to the Holmes’ for hosting such a fun evening!  What’s even better is that Parker let us all sleep in until almost 9 AM the next morning!  Happy New Year!

Parker’s 2nd Christmas

Parker’s 2nd Christmas

Even though this was actually Parker’s 2nd Christmas, it felt more like his first because he was so tiny for Christmas last year.  He was only 3 1/2 weeks old at Christmas last year and most of that is lost in the fog that those early sleepless nights bring :).

This year was a lot of fun.  I love Christmas and it was always a big deal in our family to decorate for Christmas, buy gifts for all of our family, see Santa, make cookies, etc.  My family has such great memories of Christmas when we were little and I am determined for Parker to have that as well.  For some reason, this year was really stressful for me.  School went longer into December than it usually does and I found it to be very difficult to shop after school with a tired and fussy baby.  Amazon and the UPS man were definitely my friend again this year!  On top of all of that, Parker was sick with ear infections in both ears for almost 2 weeks before Christmas – whew, no wonder I was stressed!  In the end though, it all worked out – just like it always does.

We took him to Bass Pro Shop to sit on Santa’s lap – call me cheap or whatever you want, but I just couldn’t pay for him to sit on Santa’s lap for 5 seconds.  Bass Pro is free and we got 2 prints for free too!

Matt snapped this with our camera while they were taking their shot – he didn’t cry as long as I didn’t leave his side, but he wasn’t thrilled with being there either.

Parker LOVED the Christmas tree.  He got super excited when we would turn the lights on and would stand there oohing and aahing at the tree.  We have a small collection of plush, stuffed Christmas ornaments and I hung all of those and others that weren’t breakable all along the bottom branches so he could play with them.  He would pull them all off several times a day and carry them all over the house.  I felt like I redecorated the tree a hundred times a day!  He’s really into blowing on things that are hot right now and apparently the Christmas lights look alot like candles because he would stand at the tree and blow the lights out :).  Sweet, precious baby.

We started our Christmas celebrations with Matt’s mom, Kevin, Danielle, Julio, & Daniel.  They came to our house on Christmas Eve for lunch and presents and we all had a really good time.

annual family picture

Of all the toys he received that day, this box and the wrapping paper in it proved to be MUCH more fun ;)

Christmas Eve night, we had dinner with my parents, Jillie, Jake, & Christopher.  It was the first Christmas Eve night we’d spent with my parents in a long time and it was alot of fun.  After Parker went to bed we put out all of the presents under the tree and got all of his “Santa” stuff set out.  Because I wanted him to really see and play with his new toys Christmas morning, I moved all of his other toys out of the living room and it really worked well.  Not to mention…it gave us alot more space Christmas morning.

We finally got everything wrapped, the stockings filled, and the toys put together and snapped this last picture before we went to bed.

We had a blast playing Santa this year.  I don’t know how we’ll always do things or how much Santa will bring, but this year it was all just out for him to play with.  He got an alphabet train, a rocking horse (made especially by Daddy), cars that zoom on the tile, wooden blocks, a See-N-Say, books, and a penguin that pops back up when you knock it over.  He’s had lots of fun with all of his new toys!

My parents gave him this precious rocking chair & he loves to climb up in with a book and sit and read :)

After we all opened presents and dug into our stockings, we got dressed and loaded the cars to spend the day in Winnie at Nana and Papa’s house.

Parker and Adley Ann in her new Barbie Jeep!  They sat in this thing forever and just had the best time.

Opening presents from cousins and Nana & Papa – new blocks!

This pretty much sums up his attitude toward his 2nd Christmas!  Like I said, he loved every second of the day and was absolutely exhausted by the time it was all over with.  We are beyond blessed with such wonderful and generous family and we are so thankful for their love.