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Parker Catch-Up

Parker Catch-Up

I guess maybe it’s time for a little catch-up on Mr. Parker.

He turned 20 months on July 29th and I think I’ve officially reached the point where I feel silly saying his age in months – it just sounds less weird to say he’s almost two.

2013-07-28 19.54.18

Probably the biggest thing that has happened lately is that we have officially gotten rid of his nu-nu (pacifier).  He wasn’t walking around with it in his mouth all day and knew that it was only for sleeping, but I didn’t want him going back to school with it (it was just one more thing to keep track of and another way to pick up unnecessary germs).  So one morning, I got up early, clipped the ends with scissors so they had holes in them and scattered them around the house.  As he found them, he would put them in his mouth & suck for a few seconds before pulling it out of his mouth and saying, “No, yuck”.  He knows that yucky things go in the trash, so he grabbed my hand each time and threw them in the trash.  Nap time and bedtime was pretty sad because he cried for it and kept asking me for it, but he remembered putting them in the trash because they were yuck, so each time he asked for it, I just reminded him what he decided to do with it.  After just a couple of days, he would ask for it randomly, but no more tears.  I am so proud of how easily he made the transition!  He still sleeps with his “night-night” (blanket) and a few stuffed animals, but it’s such a relief to be done with the pacifier.  It is kinda sad though – that was kind-of our last piece of the baby stage.  The only downside is that it is taking him noticeably longer to fall asleep at night; he’s having to figure out how to fall asleep again.

2013-08-08 10.08.34

In other news, he’s beginning to form very simple sentences (2-3 words) and I can tell that he’s remembering things from one day to the next or things that we make a big deal of because he’ll talk about them.  It is so neat to watch him becoming more aware of what’s going on around him.  He definitely recognizes people we see and talk about often and he’s started going through “roll call” at bedtime and asking if each person is “night-night”.  I think he wants to make sure he’s not the only one having to go to bed!

We don’t go back to the doctor until he turns 2, but based on our scale at home, he weighs pretty close to 30 lbs and has definitely gotten taller.  He’s wearing a size 7 shoe and 2T shorts/pants and 3T shirts.  He’s still a great eater, but kinda picky and loves to drink (soy) milk.  Cow’s milk in foods such as ice cream still upset his stomach if he’s had alot of it, but he still enjoys the occasional ice cream treat with no issues.  It would seem as if he’s pretty much outgrown the allergy to the milk proteins and now is just intolerant to it.

He LOVES to play outside, but unfortunately it has been SO HOT that we’ve been stuck inside for the last few weeks.  Occasionally there’s enough of a breeze that we can play in the backyard in the evenings and thankfully we haven’t had a problem with mosquitoes.

Other things he loves:  music, Curious George on TV, reading books, drawing, taking a bath, and brushing his teeth
Things he doesn’t love:  buckling in the carseat, riding in a stroller or shopping basket, wearing shoes/socks – basically anything that is confining!

2013-07-31 12.37.50

It is so hard to believe that he’s already so close to being two years old!  We’ve had so much fun with him and are so thankful for the blessing of being his parents!


San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA

A couple of weeks after we came home from Florida, we repacked and headed to the West Coast.  Matt was invited to speak at a week-long conference in San Diego, so Parker, Jillie, and I flew out there with him to play for the week.  It was Parker’s first trip on an airplane and he did great.  He fell asleep about halfway to California and didn’t wake up until the wheels hit the ground – it was awesome.  I’ll just let the pictures speak for all the fun things we did during the week.

2013-07-06 11.30.04-1

waiting in the airport – he loved watching all of the planes

2013-07-06 14.39.50 (1)

waiting with all of our luggage at the rental car place

2013-07-06 17.10.09 (1)

After dropping our bags off at the hotel we set out to do a little bit of exploring.  We ended up at Balboa Park and got out of the car for a little while to let Parker play on the playground.  It was definitely very different from our little neighborhood parks in the suburbs!  There were TONS of people there and we were actually kinda nervous and wouldn’t let Parker wander without one of us like we can at our little park.


Alot of the major roads and neighborhood districts had really cool signs.  San Diego (the city) didn’t quite fit the image I had in my head, but these signs definitely did.


Having fun & relaxing a little in the hotel room


Our 2nd day, we drove north a little to La Jolla, CA which is famous for the seals (or sea lions, I can’t remember).  It was GORGEOUS, but so incredibly crowded.  We ate lunch there, did some walking, and watched the surfers.





2013-07-07 12.26.30

2013-07-07 12.26.24 (1)

The Pacific Coast is so beautiful!  I loved all the rocks and plants that grow along the beaches.  So very different from here or the East Coast beaches we’ve been to.

2013-07-07 18.06.55

Jillie & Matt at dinner in Old Town – Cafe Coyote – DELICIOUS food!

2013-07-07 18.07.08

LOVE this precious boy!

2013-07-08 11.15.14

Our 3rd day we headed to the zoo – and only did half of it.  The place is incredibly huge – we left after lunch both days and went back in the evenings for a couple of hours both days.  The polar bear exhibit was incredible.  This bear was right up against the glass dribbling his ball – Parker LOVED it and still talks about it :).


“Dad, there’s no time for kisses!”


The hippo exhibit – These animals are ENORMOUS!  One of them was right up next to the glass just staring at us – Parker thought this was pretty cool.


Checking out the ducks with Gigi


Thanks to the nice man who offered to take our picture at the entrance to the zoo!


GIANT Galapagos Island Tortoises – Parker loved seeing the big turtles!


Checking out the flamingo exhibit


another shot of the Polar bear


so thankful for the memories with these 2


Koala bear exhibit


pointing out the koala bears – they were quite sleepy little creatures, we only saw a couple of them awake and we stopped by several times


The first day Matt had to work, Jillie and I headed to the Children’s Museum with Parker.  Honestly, I was a little disappointed in the museum.  It was very abstract and “new age”, which probably fits the “California Life”, but I was hoping for something geared more towards Parker’s age group.  Jillie and I weren’t impressed, but Parker had a good time :).


LOVED playing the drums


crawling through the maze – this was a HUGE hit :)


building and knocking down block towers


view of the San Diego skyline from Coronado Island




DSC_8917 – this water was COLD!  Nothing even remotely close to the 85 degree Gulf of Mexico we have here at home!






Parker’s first baseball game!



He loved the game and clapped & yelled and entertained all the folks around us :)

2013-07-10 19.04.27

& finally – just because I love hydrangeas :).  They apparently like the mild San Diego climate because they are EVERYWHERE and they are HUGE.  I was totally jealous of these people’s yard.  Their flowers were so pretty!

We had a fabulous week and are excited that Matt hopes to speak at this conference again.  We will gladly revisit.  It was a jam-packed week and we were definitely tired when we finally got home.  Sadly, the trip home wasn’t nearly as wonderful as the trip out there.  As we descended into Houston, we had to circle Hobby in a holding pattern due to a storm and then were rerouted to Bush to refuel.  In all of the circling, Parker got sick and threw up all over both of us :(  Luckily, I had an extra change of clothes for him in my carry-on and we got him cleaned up while the plane was being refueled.  After all of that, we took off again, flew about 7 minutes to Hobby and landed.  It was a much longer day than we had planned, but we all made it and have great memories to look back on!


July 4th

July 4th

The week of July 4th, I pulled out all of Parker’s red, white, & blue clothes and he got some good wear out of them!

2013-07-01 18.31.24

2013-07-01 19.46.56-1

swinging for the first time on his new swingset/fort!

2013-06-30 19.26.42

2013-06-29 19.33.46-1

playing in the sprinkler :)


goofy little boy


Mar-Mar, Ben, & Becky stopped by for a little while on the 4th and visited with my parents since they were moving to Tennessee :(


2013-07-03 13.17.26

having fun at the pool with Gigi, Chief, & Pak!

2013-07-03 13.18.17-1

he loves the splash pad/pool

Destin, FL

Destin, FL

Destin, FL for a whole week – yes, please!

2013-06-15 14.58.02

We left for a week long vacay about a week after I finished school.  With all the craziness that the end of the school year brought, it was a much needed vacation.  This particular vacation was my WHOLE  family (minus a few who had to work) and was a Christmas gift to my grandparents.  We loaded the car, and I mean LOADED the car, & set out on Parker’s first official big time road trip.  This was like our Abilene trips on steroids.  Can I just say that my child is a rock star?  Between Curious George DVD’s, toys, and LOTS of snacks – he made it all the way to Biloxi, Mississippi with only 1 stop!  We spent the night in Biloxi and then finished the last few hours to Destin the next day.

We had a huge house with a pool, and a short walk to the beach for the whole week and we had a blast!  We spent lots of time in the pool, on the beach, the guys had a couple of fishing excursions, and the girls did some shopping at the outlet mall.







enjoying some popsicles on the porch :)


Parker & sweet Ad-Ad (Adley Ann)




the boys & all their fish – it was delish!


big family picture (missing Jake, Rachel, & Bailey)


the grandkids (missing Jake, Rachel, & Bailey)


family picture (missing Jake)


our little family :)

We had such a wonderful week and are so thankful for the opportunity to make so many sweet memories.