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Fishing & Race Cars

Fishing & Race Cars

Parker basically woke up yesterday asking to go fishing.  There’s a pond near our house that we walk to sometimes to feed the turtles and recently, Matt started talking about going there to take Parker fishing.  I finally convinced him yesterday that we had to wait for daddy to get home because I know very little about fishing and almost as soon as he got home, Parker brought it up.


We loaded up the wagon and headed to the pond and Parker was SO excited! .






Parker needed to “say Hi to the fish”!


Daddy & son fishing trip…suburb style!

Since our impromptu fishing trip totally derailed my dinner plans last night, we came home just as the mosquitoes were coming out, stashed the wagon in the garage & loaded up to grab some Chick Fil A.  Much to our surprise the “Tuesday night Family Night” attraction at Chick Fil A last night was a real race car on display.  Parker was absolutely beside himself!


He was not super thrilled with all of the people standing around watching him as he sat in the race car, but I promise, he was in little boy heaven!  They had hot wheels cars for the kids to decorate and tracks for them to race on and then as we were leaving, he got to see them loading the car into the trailer.  He was just certain that it was “Mack” the 18-wheeler that hauls Lightning McQueen on Cars.

Such sweet memories!

Parker – 2.5 years old

Parker – 2.5 years old

2.5  years old…dangerously close to 3.  I feel like I blinked and here we are.  Then I remember all those bottles and diapers and jars of baby food and I’m suddenly ok with 2.5 and potty training!

So let’s see…basic stats –

Parker weighs 33 lbs, wears a 3t/4t in shirts, 3t in shorts, and an 8 in shoes.  I have no idea how tall he is and that growth chart has been on the to-do list for 2.5 years.  He loves to eat, but is super picky.  His staples right now are chicken, pasta, carrots, rice, any kind of bread or cracker, cereal, granola bars, dried cranberries, applesauce, peaches, apples, grapes & oranges are hit or miss, watermelon, cantaloupe, shredded cheese, popsicles, bell peppers, cheese “pizza” (no sauce).  He still loves his soy milk, apple juice when I buy it, lemonade, and sweet tea.


this stuffed baby doesn’t leave his arms.  She has a name, eats with him, sleeps with him, goes EVERYWHERE with us.  I just love to see his tender heart as he cares for her.


the kid can put away some watermelon

He has a HUGE imagination and a simple piece of rope or a stick is transformed into countless objects throughout the day.  He loves to fish, do yard work, dig in the dirt, play with the water hose & sprinkler, and help pull weeds in the yard.  He loves movies; Jungle Book, A Bug’s Life, Cars, Planes, Madagascar, Ratatouille, Curious George, and Finding Nemo have all been watched countless times.  He’s pretty awesome on the iPad and enjoys playing games and doing puzzles.


absolutely loves his binoculars from the Easter Bunny

We’re really working with him on not being so demanding and getting him to consistently use “nice” words and manners.  I’m also realizing how demanding I can be with him, so I’m trying to watch how I say things to him to be a good example of nicely, but firmly asking him to do certain things.  To hear that little voice say “yes, ma’m” or “please, mama” just melts my heart.


Last week, while my mom was here keeping him so I could finish my last week of school, we bit the bullet and started potty training.  I can’t take much credit for any of it since my mom bore the brunt of the work, but he’s done really great.  He’s incredibly stubborn, which is insanely frustrating, but we’re just trying to be patient with him and let him realize that he’s way more comfortable when he stops playing and goes potty rather than trying to hold it in.

The first few days he had a handful of accidents, but actually seemed to catch on pretty quickly.  The hardest part has been finding something to motivate him to actually go.  He doesn’t like candy, so the m&m method was a bust early on, he doesn’t care one thing about stickers, so the sticker chart didn’t work for long, and the timer method just flat out irritated him.  Finally, once we knew he understood what the “feeling” felt like, we just kinda backed off.  We’ve thrown privacy out the window in our house and anytime we go to the restroom, we simply invite him to come.  Sometimes he comes, sometimes he doesn’t, but when he has the urge to go, he gets a panicked look on his face & will RUN to the bathroom.

Now I’m trying to work on him actually telling me when he needs to go and as we were laying down to take a nap today, he sat up & actually said to me, “Mama – I need to tee-tee”.  Small victories, people, small victories.  We’ve read lots of books and played lots of iPad games on the bathroom floor over the last 8 days.  We’ve stuck pretty close to the house, a quick trip to grab food & a reward from Target are about all I’ve been brave enough to take on.  I know he’d probably stay dry, but staying home is just easier right now.  Six out of the eight nights, he’s woken up with a dry diaper, but I’m not concerned with the nighttime thing yet.  I’ve still got a stash of diapers, so we’ll just see where we are when we run out of those in a few months.

Overall, I’m super proud of him and it seems like a simple high five, hug, and words of praise are all he needs for motivation…easy enough!  I read lots of info on potty training and it seems like the 8-10 day mark is a huge a landmark for “strong-willed” (read: stubborn) children.  I would wholeheartedly agree with that.


He still flat refuses to go to Bible class at church and I’m not pushing it.  Everytime I ask him why he doesn’t like going, he tells me that something in there scares him.  He can’t tell me what it is and I can’t figure it out, so for now, we’re just not going.  I know others would disagree with us, but I can’t push him to do something that scares him.  And I don’t think its just a tactic to not have to go…as soon as church ends and we start walking out, he gets a death grip on me and starts shaking, repeating over & over again about not wanting to go to Bible class.  I know that eventually he’ll realize its fun and not scary.  We’ll try again in a month or so.



we’re really working on spitting, or NOT spitting…I’ve just had to embrace his “boy-ness” and accept the fact that this is part of being a boy.  He pretty much understands that he’s only allowed to spit in certain places – the bathtub, the sink, & outside.  Oh, the things you learn as a boy mom!

Starting Over…

Starting Over…

My poor neglected blog.  It’s obvious any faithful followers I may have once had are LONG gone…and who could blame them?  Truth be told, my laptop died many months ago and we chose not to replace it.  Everything I did on a computer can now be done on my phone (pure awesome-ness, right there) and honestly, what working mom of a very busy 2 year old actually has time to play on a computer?  And then there was work…I just wrapped up year #8 of teaching high school students and while its a job that I absolutely love, this was truly the hardest year yet, both professionally and personally.

All of that is neither here, nor there.  I miss documenting our life as a young family.  I’m afraid if I don’t write things down, I won’t remember them a year from now.  And since Parker’s baby book is still sitting on the shelf in his closet with very little written down, I figure I’d give this another go.

We’ll just dive in, head first.

Parker is 2.5 years old.  FULL of energy, stubborn as a mule (still trying to figure out where that comes from…HA!), sweet, kind, caring, and just all around adorable.  He is growing like a weed, super picky when it comes to eating, and a constant chatter-box.  His sweet little voice calls for us in the mornings and he finally stops talking just as his eyes close at night.  He’s full-time sleeping in a big boy bed and has rocked that from night #1.  He never even batted an eye and still tells us how much he loves his big boy bed.  We’re 8 days into potty training and while his stubbornness has been out in FULL force, he is completely rocking with this latest transition.

Its (finally) officially summer time for our family and Parker and I celebrated our first day of summer vacation yesterday by sleeping until almost 9 o’clock, taking a 2 hour nap together, and just generally being lazy.  It was hot and rainy outside, so we played inside, watched movies, and did puzzles on the iPad.  Once I trust this potty training this a little more, we’ll venture out of the house.  That neighborhood pool & splash pad down the road is calling my name, I hear storytime at the library is kinda cool, and we’ve got lots of friends we can actually play with now that school is out.  Our annual summer trip is Abilene is on the horizon and good old fashioned family vacation is in our near future.

Sweet summertime, how I love thee!


Here’s our Easter 2014 picture –

he WOULD NOT, under any circumstances put that fishing pole down :).

More info on Parker lately and potty training coming soon!