Thanksgiving Report

Thanksgiving Report

Our first Thanksgiving as a married couple was fantastic!  We left College Station on Wednesday afternoon and made our way to my grandparents house in Winnie, TX.  Thanksgiving itself was great.  TONS of delicious food, 3 very tasty fried turkeys, and lots and lots of great company.  We had about 40 people there for the festivities and yes, that was all family!  That afternoon we did my mom and sister’s birthdays and then Matt and I got lots of fun ornaments for our first Christmas tree.  A few years ago, as the older kids in the family started getting married, my family started a new tradition of each person in the family buying or making a Christmas ornament that represents themselves or their personality.  They all get wrapped in plain brown lunch sacks and the soon to be married, or newly married couple has to decide who the ornament from when they open it.  Matt and I had a really great time doing this and we got a TON of really cute ornaments for our tree.  I’m so excited about decorating for Christmas so I can look at all of the great ornaments on our tree.  We are going this weekend to pick out a tree and hopefully we will get our lights put up outside.  I just love Christmas decorations; they make your house feel so much more homey…if thats even a word.  Back to the Thanksgiving festivities…on Friday, all of the girls in my family went to start some Christmas shopping.  We went to Houston (of course!) and shopped the Target at Memorial City Mall and then made our way to the Woodlands where we enjoyed lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and then spent the rest of the day (& night!) at the mall.  Saturday, a few of us saw a movie, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, which even though it got bad reviews, I highly recommend it.  It had enough toys and magic to keep kids entertained, but it is definitely an adult story.  The kids will love it, but they won’t understand it.  That night, most of the family went to the beach to hang out at the cabin, eat pizza, watch movies, & play games.  It was such a great start to the Holiday Season and I really cannot wait to spend more time with our families at Christmas.

School is still going well for me.  I am getting to know my kids better and better with each week that passes, which is good and bad!  It really is sad to me how long it takes for a teacher to REALLY get to know her kids and they (the “experts”) are so right when they say that (as a teacher) you can’t smile until Christmas.   Now, literally, of course, thats not true because I have smiled a thousand times since school started, but you can’t begin laughing and having fun with your kids until about Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I am really looking forward to my second semester with my kids.  The first semester has flown by and I know that the spring will be just the same.  The spring semester tends to be more stressful as we cram to get ready to take TAKS, but the kids work so hard and it makes me so proud.  No matter how stressful it is, teaching really is the greatest job in the world.

Matt is almost finished with his first semester of grad school…which is CRAZY!  Its hard to think that he only has 2 more semesters left.  What is the most frightening about all of this is that because Matt finishes next December, this time next year, we will be starting our house and job search in the big city of Houston.  We are excited about moving back home, but I think both of us are glad that we still have another year & a half before we have to leave College Station.

Well, I’m definitely ready for the weekend.  Ready to get my Christmas stuff set up and ready to start, yes, I said START, my Christmas shopping.  Have a great rest of the week!

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