Furniture for Our Baby!

Furniture for Our Baby!

We’ve finally begun making some decisions for our sweet baby’s bedroom!  It’s so exciting to think that we’re finalizing our plans and I’m so ready to actually start working on things!  I’m going this week to get paint samples…hopefully the colors I found in the Pottery Barn catalog don’t disappoint.  We’ve also picked out the furniture and I couldn’t be more happy with our decision.  We looked at countless cribs and chests and finally decided on a collection from Baby’s 1st Furniture in Sugar Land.  The shipping and delivery times for orders from Baby’s 1st are ridiculously long, so my mom ordered the crib for us from Kid’s Village in Abilene and then bought the floor sample of the chest for a way discounted price and brought it to us last weekend!  It’s in perfect condition and we’re so excited!  Matt is also going to start stripping the chest that was mine growing up, so we can repaint it and put new knobs on the drawers.

here’s the crib!  can’t wait for it to arrive!

and here’s the chest that my parents brought down last weekend!  Can’t believe it was the floor sample…

I promise both pieces are the same color…they are darker than the chest looks, but not quite as dark as the picture of the bed…cameras do such weird things sometimes…haha!

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