Summer, so far…

Summer, so far…

Wow…can we say blog slacker?

It seems like summer has been really busy, but then at the same time, it feels like we’ve been able to do lots of relaxing, too!

As soon as school let out at the end of May, Parker, Jillie, and I packed up the Tahoe and headed to Abilene for our first week of summer!  This was Parker’s 2nd trip to Kappy & Chief’s house and we had a blast!  We spent lots of time hanging out with friends, shopping, and even got to take Parker swimming for the first time.

The swimming pool was a huge hit!  We’ve been swimming several times this summer and he loves to kick his legs & splash.

Parker and his Gigi in Abilene

Making a mess & having fun eating at Kappy & Chief’s house!

Swimming at Jake’s 1st Birthday Party!

Swimming on Father’s Day…we’ve spent alot of time in the pool this summer!

If you have a drink, you have to share with Parker…no questions asked.  He loves to drink out of our glasses, but usually ends up wearing more than he actually drinks!


We’ve been letting you try lots of different foods from our plates the last few weeks.  This particular taste test was some kind of dessert at Nana’s house one afternoon and you were not a fan.  You’ve also tried baked potato, refried beans, ice cream, watermelon, cantalope, apples, and probably a few other things.  You’ve loved all the fruit we’ve given you in the mesh feeder, you love tasting ice cream off our spoons, and you liked the baked potato, but the refried beans were not a hit.  You’ve also tried tea, water, and lemonade from our glasses and seem to enjoy them all.

One morning right after breakfast…you are so darn adorable!  I could stare at that face all day long!

Playing in your jumper one afternoon…you love this thing!

Parker, this has been the most wonderful summer of my life!  I love waking up early with you and having breakfast, playing on the floor & (mommy) drinking coffee while we watch the Today Show, running errands with you, and seeing your face light up when daddy gets home…it’s all just priceless.  I can hardly remember what life was like without you and I look forward to our last few weeks of summer vacation with just the 2 of us!

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