Parker Catch-Up

Parker Catch-Up

I guess maybe it’s time for a little catch-up on Mr. Parker.

He turned 20 months on July 29th and I think I’ve officially reached the point where I feel silly saying his age in months – it just sounds less weird to say he’s almost two.

2013-07-28 19.54.18

Probably the biggest thing that has happened lately is that we have officially gotten rid of his nu-nu (pacifier).  He wasn’t walking around with it in his mouth all day and knew that it was only for sleeping, but I didn’t want him going back to school with it (it was just one more thing to keep track of and another way to pick up unnecessary germs).  So one morning, I got up early, clipped the ends with scissors so they had holes in them and scattered them around the house.  As he found them, he would put them in his mouth & suck for a few seconds before pulling it out of his mouth and saying, “No, yuck”.  He knows that yucky things go in the trash, so he grabbed my hand each time and threw them in the trash.  Nap time and bedtime was pretty sad because he cried for it and kept asking me for it, but he remembered putting them in the trash because they were yuck, so each time he asked for it, I just reminded him what he decided to do with it.  After just a couple of days, he would ask for it randomly, but no more tears.  I am so proud of how easily he made the transition!  He still sleeps with his “night-night” (blanket) and a few stuffed animals, but it’s such a relief to be done with the pacifier.  It is kinda sad though – that was kind-of our last piece of the baby stage.  The only downside is that it is taking him noticeably longer to fall asleep at night; he’s having to figure out how to fall asleep again.

2013-08-08 10.08.34

In other news, he’s beginning to form very simple sentences (2-3 words) and I can tell that he’s remembering things from one day to the next or things that we make a big deal of because he’ll talk about them.  It is so neat to watch him becoming more aware of what’s going on around him.  He definitely recognizes people we see and talk about often and he’s started going through “roll call” at bedtime and asking if each person is “night-night”.  I think he wants to make sure he’s not the only one having to go to bed!

We don’t go back to the doctor until he turns 2, but based on our scale at home, he weighs pretty close to 30 lbs and has definitely gotten taller.  He’s wearing a size 7 shoe and 2T shorts/pants and 3T shirts.  He’s still a great eater, but kinda picky and loves to drink (soy) milk.  Cow’s milk in foods such as ice cream still upset his stomach if he’s had alot of it, but he still enjoys the occasional ice cream treat with no issues.  It would seem as if he’s pretty much outgrown the allergy to the milk proteins and now is just intolerant to it.

He LOVES to play outside, but unfortunately it has been SO HOT that we’ve been stuck inside for the last few weeks.  Occasionally there’s enough of a breeze that we can play in the backyard in the evenings and thankfully we haven’t had a problem with mosquitoes.

Other things he loves:  music, Curious George on TV, reading books, drawing, taking a bath, and brushing his teeth
Things he doesn’t love:  buckling in the carseat, riding in a stroller or shopping basket, wearing shoes/socks – basically anything that is confining!

2013-07-31 12.37.50

It is so hard to believe that he’s already so close to being two years old!  We’ve had so much fun with him and are so thankful for the blessing of being his parents!


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  1. I cannot believe he is almost 2! So crazy. And I am super impressed with how operation nu-nu went! I have been meaning to ask you but keep forgetting. Great idea to cut off the ends! I’m so impressed!

  2. I’m in catch-up mode on my blog readings, too! Way to go, Parker. Glad the pacifier take away wasn’t too traumatic! :)

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