A Storm’s A-Brewin….

A Storm’s A-Brewin….

Well…its been a while since our last update…lots has happened and its been a very frustrating few weeks, but I will write more about that later. For now…this post is dedicated to the excitement brewing out in the Gulf.

I’ve told you before how I feel about hurricane season and while I was slightly irritated about the timing of this year’s first storm for our part of the state, the excitement has begun to set it. We spent the day preparing for the possibility of power outages here in the big city of Winnie, TX. Why are we in Winnie, you may ask? No…we didn’t move here…at least not permanently. We brought our moving truck full of belongings and basically moved in with my grandparents for a few days…or so we thought. We only expected to be here for a couple of days…but that has apparently been lengthened by my new friend called Tropical Storm Edouard. So instead of getting ready to close on our house tomorrow and move in…we spent our day buying a few groceries, flashlights, batteries, and bringing all of the outdoor furniture inside. My day was even rounded out with a trip to the beach to check out the water…and it was freakishly calm. I guess thats where the phrase, ” the calm before the storm” comes from.

I know, I know…I’m weird, but I truly love this. As still and hot as it was outside and as annoying as it was having to move everything in from the yard…I love it.

As far as the house is concerned…we should close on Wednesday…assuming Houston isn’t completely under water… I will fill you in on all the drama of the house later…maybe tomorrow while we are sitting inside watching it storm outside…because I know everyone is going to be sitting on the edges of their seats waiting for the info…haha…yeah right.

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