Fall Happenings

Fall Happenings

We’ve had lots of fun going on lately!



Daddy went out of town to hang out with some friends from college, so we had a Mommy/Parker weekend!  He was a little sad about daddy leaving Friday afternoon, so we spent sometime drawing with sidewalk chalk and then had a pizza picnic and movie date at home.


Pak came the same weekend that Daddy was out of town and brought Parker’s finished dinosaur costume for Halloween.  He requested to be “Buddy the Dinosaur” from Dinosaur Train on PBS, but all of the Buddy costumes we could find were made for children who live in the tundra.  Seriously – please make Halloween costumes for those of us who live in warm climates.  Anyway, we made it work and he was THRILLED…which is really all that matters!


We also celebrated Gigi’s birthday with her!  Sweet boy was ecstatic about the cupcakes and getting to help her blow out the candles!


The back of his costume at our church’s Pumpkin Patch Party.  He didn’t really care about or seem to enjoy walking around & getting candy, but LOVED playing with his friends :).


The only picture we got of him with his friend Clara.  She was such an adorable ladybug!  We enjoyed a Chick fil A picnic with our friends and let the kids run around and play before calling it a night & heading home.

Parker’s 3rd Birthday Pictures coming soon!

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