Parker – 3 Years Old

Parker – 3 Years Old

I know all parents feel this way, but its so hard to believe that our baby boy is already 3 years old!  There are so many times that I look at him or listen to a conversation he’s having and wonder how we got to this point.  In so many ways, it really seems like yesterday that we were nervously walking out of the hospital with him feeling completely unprepared and clueless.  While time has marched on, those feelings haven’t really changed much.  We’re obviously not so concerned with survival or meeting basic needs at this point, but now just feeling completely unprepared and clueless as to how to handle some of the behavior issues that have begun creeping up.  I definitely spend a lot of time in quiet thought, reflection, and prayer as we move through this age of teaching obedience and appropriate behaviors.

So, a little bit about Parker at 3 years old…

He’s growing like a weed!  He weighs 35 lbs and is about 37 inches tall.  He wears a 4t in shirts, 3t in pants, and a 9 in shoes.  He still loves to eat and is still pretty much stuck on the same foods.  He does not like trying new foods, but every now & then, he does and finds that he actually some of it!  He really enjoyed his daddy’s fried turkey at Thanksgiving with our small group, but then wouldn’t eat on Thanksgiving Day…who knows…kids can be strange.  The latest addition to his diet is cornbread.  He asks me every evening if we can make cornbread to go with our dinner!  We attempted to switch him from soy milk to regular milk right before Christmas and he did great on it, but he didn’t really care for the taste.  So, we are back to soymilk, based solely on taste preference.  At least we now that he’s outgrown the milk allergy!


He’s super into legos these days and loves to build stuff…and then destroy it!  He still loves to cook in his play kitchen and spend time outside.  He got soccer goals and golf clubs for his birthday and would be out there all day & night if we would let him.  He also likes to play catch, “play music” on his guitar, read books, do puzzles, and art work.  He also loves to help his daddy work on projects in the garage.


he loves to help me clean!

We work on manners alot at home, mostly in how we speak to each other/other people and how we treat the things around us (not standing/jumping on the furniture, throwing things, hitting things/people, etc…).  We also are really working on appropriate reactions when things don’t go his way.  They work on it at school alot and even though there are days that I don’t feel like he listens to anything we tell him, we consistently hear from his teachers at school and Bible class how sweet and polite he is, so maybe some of it is actually sinking in.  Unfortunately time-out has become a common thing at our house and usually if he’s left alone for a few minutes to finish throwing his fit, he decides he’s finished, and comes to apologize to us.  We’re trying to be really consistent in how we handle things so that hopefully he eventually realizes the outcome will be the same every.single.time.  I’ve never felt more inadequate, than dealing with a child who’s throwing a fit and I have no idea how to stop it.  Its a very frustrating, yet humbling thing.


Chick-fil-A date with my favorite little boy!

He’s officially potty trained, though, due to his stubbornness, does still have accidents.  This usually happens when he’s doing something that he doesn’t want to stop, so we’re still asking him regularly and making him take potty breaks to try and prevent the accidents.  I know he has the ability to not have accidents because he stays completely dry all night long (but still sleeps in a diaper for my own sanity if there were to be an accident).  He does still get treats if he stays dry all day long and its amazing what one little piece of starburst candy does for this kid!

He absolutely loves school!  Most mornings, he practically runs to his classroom and most afternoons, he tells me that he just wants to stay & keep playing.  We are so thankful for his school and teachers.  It is truly a wonderful place and was definitely an answer to many desperate prayers.  He (finally) loves Bible class and asks multiple times each week when we get to go back to church.  This was something that I prayed about for so long and I’m so glad he finally feels safe and comfortable there!


 modeling his new jacket!

 He talks to and talks about his baby sister alot and keeps coming up with different things that we need to buy for her.  We discovered though that we think some of his behavior issues the last few weeks may be stemming from all the attention on the baby and the conversations about her, so we’ve kinda backed off a little bit.  We still talk about her and definitely encourage it when he brings it up, but Matt and I have tried to make an effort to save alot of our planning talks for after he’s asleep.  We’re also planning some projects for his room at the same time we’re working on her room so he doesn’t feel left out.



loves to climb all over daddy!

Watching this little boy grow up is such a privilege.  Each day I look at him and count the ways he’s gotten bigger and yet, so often, I’m still reminded of how little he really is.  We love you Parker James!

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  1. I am with Parker – I would make cornbread with every dinner as well!! Yum. . .

    Glad the milk allergy is no more!

    Once Molly arrives and you are snuggling her lil body you will look at Parker and think “OH MY GOSH HE IS PRACTICALLY A TEENAGER!” :)

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