A New Year

A New Year

We ended 2014 and rang in 2015 in a pretty low key fashion this year. We drove home from our week at the ranch on New Year’s Eve and after a week away from home, we opted for pizza delivery and a quiet night at home. It was perfect! We unpacked a little, cleaned up the house a little, and just spent time relaxing. New Year’s Day was great. We did some more work around the house and then ate our traditional meal of pork chops, black eyed peas, rice, & cornbread. Parker was most excited about getting a chance to play with all of his toys from Christmas.


A far cry from our NYE dinners out at nice restaurants a few years ago, but pizza, puzzles, and these two are exactly where I wanted to be!

Each year, I usually try to set some goals for the year, but with baby #2 coming soon, I decided to be realistic. For us, this year is going to be all about adjustments and contentment. Adjusting to life as a family of four, adjusting to having two kids, and remembering to be content with where we are. For the first few months, keeping everyone happy, fed, and in (mostly) clean clothes is pretty much all I’m hoping to accomplish. Meals will not be glamorous, there will be piles of laundry, we’re going to be tired, and life is going to be crazy, but oh so fun! One of the beauties of being a 2nd time mom is having more realistic expectations. I know how hard the first few months are, but I also know the difficulty doesn’t last forever. Life is never “the same as before”, but you find a new normal and get into a groove that works.

Since Christmas ended and we’ve been home from the ranch, we’ve pretty much in baby prep mode.  Getting the guest room cleaned out and baby stuff pulled out of the attic has been top priority, along with trying to clean out and reorganize closets and cabinets and just trying to make the most of the very little storage space we have in our house.  I’ve been buying sweet little girl clothes (so fun!) and pulled out all the neutral stuff we have from Parker’s baby days.  Seeing all these sweet dresses and girly outfits hanging in her closet is still so surreal!  We still don’t have anything hung on the walls in her room, but the walls are painted, curtains are hung, and all of the furniture is (mostly) in place.


So excited to get this room finished and bring our baby girl home!

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