Molly’s 4.5 Month Update

Molly’s 4.5 Month Update

4.5 months old – unbelievable how quickly time is passing! (& yes…we’re closer to 5 months now that I’m actually getting this written)


Stats at 4 months:

Weight – 13.5 lbs

Length – 23.75 inches

Head – 16 inches

We got a great report from Dr. Scott at her 4 month checkup, got her Zantac for reflux increased (again!), and had to get 2 shots (yuck!). She seemed very pleased with her development and her strength, and based on her small size, is assuming she’ll probably just be rather petite. I wonder where she got that from?!

Other than the official stuff from the doctor, I’d say everything is going very well. At 4.5 months, she:

  • is nursing every 2.5-3 hours throughout the day; sometimes going closer to 4 hours.
  • will take a 4 oz botttle of pumped milk if I need her to.
  • is taking 2-3 naps a day, 2 that are usually close to 2 hours & the other is just a little catnap.
  • goes to bed about 8:45-9 pm, but nighttime sleep is still somewhat unpredictable. Some nights she’ll sleep a 7-8 hour stretch after going to bed and other nights she’s up multiple times.  I’m trying to just go with it and am definitely thankful for coffee on those mornings after she’s been up multiple times the night before.
  • has graduated from the swaddle to a sleep sack.
  • took her first official family vacation to the beach and rocked it and has also been to Abilene three times and done great there, too!
  • has rolled over a few times, but I wouldn’t say that its a skill she’s mastered.
  • is still dealing with reflux and doesn’t seem to be improving yet.  She’s still taking medicine to control the spit-up and keep her comfortable during and after feedings.
  • is still dealing with a dairy allergy.  I’ve learned the amount of dairy that will cause her problems, so while I avoid most all dairy, there are a few things that don’t bother her.  Thankfully my coffee creamer is one of those!

We haven’t (and probably won’t, unless something changes) done official sleep training, but she’s really easy to put down for naps and bedtime.  For most naps, I can rock or sway for just a few minutes and sing or hum and she begins to drift off to sleep before I lay her down.  Occasionally, I need to replace her nu-nu (pacifier) during a nap, but she’ll normally resettle very quickly.  Bedtime is pretty much the same, but I typically nurse her and rock her for a while to let her milk settle (thanks to the reflux, we can’t feed & lay down immediately).

Molly-girl, we love you more than words can describe!  You have added a level of joy to this family we didn’t know was missing!  We love you baby girl!


those eyes & that smile…all for her goofy brother


clearly unimpressed with the summer concert in the neighborhood


just adorable in her denim romper!


locked in on Curious George :)


tummy time is hard work!


loves to sit in the bumbo!


practicing our sitting skills!

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