Holiday Season 2008

Holiday Season 2008

We kicked off the holiday season with our annual Thanksgiving Feast with my family.  This year was a little bit different…and honestly, a little bit weird.  Because of the major damage Nana and Papa’s house sustained during the hurricane, we weren’t able to have Thanksgiving at the Big House.  That was really hard for most of us, as it was the first time in probably 13 years that we haven’t been at the house for Thanksgiving.  But thankfully, Vick and Katha have huge hearts and opened up the old Beaumont Christian High School building for our big feast.  Some of the family even spent the night at the building to reminisce the nights spent there during Hurricane Ike.  My parents drove in the day before Thanksgiving and stayed here with us, which was lots of fun.  Even though it was strange to not be at the house for Thanksgiving, it was still an awesome day with our family.  We are truly blessed to have such a happy and healthy family.

We didn’t do alot of Black Friday shopping, but my mom, sister, and I did hit up Target that morning (but not until about 9 AM).  We got a few things, but nothing big.  We weren’t able to do a whole lot more shopping because my parents had to get back to Abilene for Jillie and Christopher to go back to work.

The next weekend we had our Christmas celebration with Matt’s dad and Michelle.  We combined our Christmas celebration with Matt and his dad’s birthdays.  It was a really nice evening and it was even cold that night…cold enough for a fire!   Definitely helped make it feel more like Christmas!  The following afternoon, Matt’s mom, Kevin, Danielle, Daniel, and Grandma came to our house for a belated Thanksgiving celebration.  I cooked all day getting ready for them and we had a really great time.  Matt fried a turkey for us and his family enjoyed their first fried turkey experience.

The first couple of weeks of December absolutely flew by.  We picked out our Christmas tree and decorated the house and we were absolutely thrilled with the outcome.  The Christmas shopping extravaganza commenced and we were extremely successful with our shopping endeavors this year, thanks to my newfound friend,  We got some really great stuff to give to our families.

We spent Christmas Eve with Matt’s mom and family and had a great night together.  When we got back home, my family was already here and had turned the game room upstairs into Santa’s workshop.  There were bags and boxes and gifts absolutely EVERYWHERE!  My brother and I baked some Christmas cookies, concocted some “trash” (chex mix), and put together stocking for my parents.

Christmas morning was early…VERY VERY early.  We had to get up and get started opening gifts by about 7:00…which is crazy since we are all grown up now.  But, we had to be in Beaumont by 11:00 to start our Christmas celebration with my grandparents and cousins.  We had Christmas at the school, just like Thanksgiving and it was pretty great.  They set up a Christmas tree and we had a bunch of couches and stuff and just had a really great day with everyone.  The kids got a bunch of really awesome toys that fascinated even the adults.  I think the big hit of the day were the motor bikes that Amelia and Harrison got and the animatronic dinosaurs named Kota that all the little kids got.

I will blog about some really awesome gifts we got from our families in another posting and also post some pictures from the holidays.

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