Christmas Pictures

Christmas Pictures

Our Christmas tree…before I finally decided on a topper I liked.

I put 1700 lights on it and even melted…yes, melted the first cord I had them plugged into!

So…we had these grandiose plans to do our roof line with the big clear C9 lights this year, so we borrow a huge extension ladder, buy all the lights and roof clips and climb up to the roof and realize our roof is WAAAAY too steep to stand on.  Instead…we bought some yard stakes and lined the driveway and sidewalk and then did lights in the all the bushes and around the trunks of the trees.

My sister and brother opening gifts Christmas morning.

Me in all my glory on Christmas morning…notice my dad’s thumb in the top left of the picture…way to go Jims!

My parents watching us open gifts.

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