Climbing Enchanted Rock

Climbing Enchanted Rock

The day before we all left to go home, a few of us decided to go climb Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg.  Enchanted Rock is this huge granite formation in the hill country of Texas and its actually the 2nd largest granite formation of its kind in the United States.  Second only to the formation in Stone Mountain Georgia.  It was the warmest day we had had since we’d been there, but it was absolutely beautiful!

Monica & Brad ready to climb the rock

Matt, me, and my dad

Rachel & Bailey

my parents

the whole gang at the top of the rock…the views were awesome!

My brother and me coming down the rock…he was a genius and wore his cowboy boots to climb…what a moron.  I had to hold his hand on the way down so he didn’t slip.

We rounded out our day with some Mexican food in Fredericksburg and then enjoyed our last night at the ranch.  We all headed home on New Years Eve.

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