2008: A Recap

2008: A Recap

2008 was a really eventful year for us.  Here’s a recap…

January – we celebrated our first New Years as a married couple at our friend’s ranch in Hamilton.  Our good friends Zach & Molly got married in Dallas.

February – I started searching for a teaching job in the Houston area.

March – Matt was invited to speak at a Civil Engineering Conference in San Francisco and we took a little spring break vacation during the week of the conference.  San Francisco was awesome!  Oh and my job hunt continued…

April – Matt and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary on the 28th.  We started house hunting in Katy and my job hunt continued.  I attended a Ladies’ Retreat with the Bolivar Peninsula Church of Christ…it was awesome!

May – I officially resigned from my position as 10th grade World History teacher at Bryan High School.  My hunt for a replacement job in the Houston area continued.  Our good friends Jeff and Katie got married in College Station.

June – We found a house and made an offer!  Matt finished the coursework for his Masters degree and my mom and I threw Cortney’s Beaumont Bridal Shower.

July -We officially started packing to be out of our apartment by the end of the month.  Matt started working at his company full time.  I took a trip Abilene for a week and FINALLY got called to come in for an interview at Cy-Ridge High School.  The closing on our house was delayed by a couple of weeks.  We took a family trip to the ranch and enjoyed relaxing by the pool.  We packed up the apartment and the moving truck and spent our last couple of nights in College Station with our dear friends, Jeff and Katie.

August – We left College Station on August 1st and parked our moving truck for a few days while we stayed with family waiting for our closing day.  As if we hadn’t waited long enough, tropical storm Eduard caused our closing day to be delayed yet again.  We finally closed and moved…all in the same day…and it rained…it has rained EVERY SINGLE TIME I HAVE MOVED…maybe thats a sign…  Matt graduated from Texas A&M with his Masters degree in Civil Engineering.  I was FINALLY offered a job as a 9th grade World Geography teacher at Cy-Ridge High School.  My dear friend Cortney married Brandon in Dallas.  A new school year started.

September – Hurricane Ike…need I say more?  School was cancelled for almost 2 weeks.  Oh and we did finally find a church home.

October – Made our first mortgage payment, bought a new car, and got a dog…the last two were in the same day.

November – Participated in an historic presidential election, celebrated Thanksgiving with our families, went to Abilene to see my family and watch the ACU football team finish their perfect regular season.

December – Christmas, shopping, Hannah’s graduation from Harding University in Arkansas, more shopping, 2 weeks off from school, Christmas vacation to the ranch, out to dinner at Pappadeaux for New Years Eve, fireworks in the neighborhood (even though they’re forbidden by the Homeowner’s Association), and I was asleep before 2009 started!

2008 was definitely our most exciting and adventurous year so far.  It was a year that no doubt showed us how lucky we are to have each other and supportive families who love us very much.  We survived the frustrations of buying our house, came through the hurricane with no damage and great stories, and managed to live with only 1 car for almost a whole month.  But in the end…we loved, laughed, cried, prayed, were tried, worried, and most importantly, fell more in love with each other than the year before.  What more could we ask for?

Here’s to 2009 – may it be a year full of love, laughter, and even a few trials.  Happy New Year!

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