A Few of My Favorite Christmas Gifts…

A Few of My Favorite Christmas Gifts…

Christmas was awesome this year and I want to share some of my favorite gifts with you.  I love these gifts so much because most of them are so personal.

I know its kinda crooked, but this is probably my favorite gift.  There is a shop in Abilene that sells signs like this for almost $200.  Each picture is supossed to be a different letter to spell a specific word.  This is our last name, MANGES, but instead of just ordering it from the shop in Abilene, my sister went around town and took the pictures herself and put this together for us.  It means so much to me and is so much more special because she took the time to take all of the pictures and have it framed for us.  Thanks, Jillie, we love it!

my mom bought us these pictures to go in our bedroom

these are the curtains in our bedroom…they weren’t a Christmas present, but my mom had them in Abilene and finally brought them back to me.  The tassels that gather the curtains in the middle, however, were a gift.  Thanks, Mom!

I used some of my Christmas money to buy this AWESOME Ipod Dock.  It sounds AMAZING!

this is an old window frame from a church…my mom found it at an antique store in Abilene. LOVE IT.

these hang in our breakfast area…and I promise the walls are the same color…stupid camera

Matt got me two flower pots like this…they are sitting on our front porch…now all they need are some flowers!

These are just a few of my favorite gifts.  Absolutely love the additions to my clothing and shoes collection and the gift cards and cash.

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