What a Way to Start a Morning…

What a Way to Start a Morning…

Yesterday and today I had to drive back and forth to College Station to attend a 2 day workshop at school on strategies for teaching students who have been labeled as English Language Learners.  Since Matt and I are living in Houston for the summer, this would involve 2 very early mornings for me.  I got up Tuesday morning about 5:30 AM so I could be in at my school (Bryan High School) a little before 8:00 AM.  By most standards, it was a pretty smooth morning…until I walked out of my front door.  I get downstairs to my car and click the button on my remote to unlock the door, except nothing happens.  Natural thought…great, the battery in this stupid remote is dead.  However, after clicking the button a couple more times, I realize that the light in my car is coming on, which means the clicker is working…just not unlocking the door.  I push the lock and unlock buttons several times and nothing happens, the key doesn’t do anything when I put it in the door either, so I think really quickly and decide I will just unlock the back of my car (a Honda CR-V) and crawl in through the back seat.  I’ll deal with the locking issue when I get to school.  Ok, so I get in the car, grab some breakfast, and get on the road to good ‘ole College Station.  About an hour after leaving Houston, I arrive in College Station at the morning “rush hour”…hah…please.  I reach my exit, get off the highway, and am sitting at a red light waiting to turn left when all of a sudden I hear that horrible sound behind me…screeching tires and then…the sound of a car ramming into the back of me.  Slightly in shock, I sit in my car for a minute trying to figure out what just happened and I realize I wasn’t dreaming and yes, I really was rear-ended.  So here I am on the feeder road about to survey the damage to my car and swap insurance info…at 7:55 in the morning…yes, thats right…5 minutes before I need to be at school. As I approach the woman, I ask her what she was doing and if she just didn’t see me, hoping to get an explanation for what just happened and she says (you have to imagine this statement in a semi-grandma voice), “Oh honey, I don’t even know what I was doin.”  Great, now I’m dealing with a whack job of a grandma that just hit me.  I survey the damage and not much is visible, but the spare tire on the back of my car dented the back door when the lady slammed into me, the tire cover is torn, the bumper scraped up, the bumper has flex marks in it where it moved when she hit me, the mounting hardware and wheel for the spare tire are bent, among a few other minor things.  Since nothing but a few scraps and a torn tire cover are visible on my car, the lady apparently thought it was no big deal and just thought she was going to get away with it.  Her exact words as she sticks her finger in one of the holes of my tire cover were, “well everything looks ok, so its really not a big deal.”  Haha…riiiiight…like you’re just going to get away with this.  I proceed to inform her that I want her insurance info anyway because there might be hidden damage.  Now she thinks that telling me her insurance card is buried in her glove box and she’ll have to go find it, is going to make me change my mind.  Lady, I’m already late for my workshop and I’m standing in the middle of the feeder road…go get the freakin insurance card.  We swapped insurance info, she laughed, and told me to have a nice day.  Yeah, right lady…I got up at 5:30, drove here from Houston, get about 5 blocks from my school and you hit me.  Now my neck and shoulders hurt and I have to deal with your insurance company so I can get my car fixed.  Nice day, indeed.  On the up side…I reported the claim against her insurance and about 12 hours later they inform me she has claimed full responsibility for the accident (duhhh…) and they will be paying for the damages sustained to my vehicle…music to my ears.

I find it to be quite ironic that I have driven in Houston for several years now, traffic jams, stupid drivers, the whole nine yards and have NEVER once been involved in an accident.  I freaking drive to Bryan, TX and get rear-ended sitting a stop light at 8:00 AM…you’ve got to be kidding me.

As you can see…her car has a bit more damage than mine does…serves her right.

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